The Labradoodle Handbook - Linda Whitwam

The Labradoodle Handbook

By Linda Whitwam

  • Release Date: 2015-08-23
  • Genre: Pets


If you’ve been bitten by the Doodle bug, then this is the only reference book you will ever need. 
The Labradoodle Handbook is the number one best-selling book on Labradoodles and Australian Labradoodles. It's the most detailed, up-to-date and in-depth book ever written about this engaging crossbreed.
If you are thinking of getting or already own one of these striking dogs, this book is a must. There is simply nothing else with so much practical information dedicated entirely to the Labradoodle. This large manual is packed full of invaluable insight on how to pick the right Labradoodle for you and your family and then how to care for, feed and train your Doodle. 
The Handbook is the product of considerable research and liaison with major Labradoodle organisations. It separates the fact from the fiction to guide you through the pitfalls. Journalist and specialist canine author Linda Whitwam has written the book in an easy-to-read style suitable for anybody aged 10 to 100.
The Labradoodle Handbook will help you to select a good breeder, then the puppy with the right temperament, and finally how to care for your Labradoodle throughout his or her life. It provides answers to the most frequently-asked questions from Labradoodle owners and tells you:
How to pick the right puppy The difference between a Labradoodle and an Australian Labradoodle What the F numbers mean – and the Bs Housetraining, crate training and basic obedience training How likely your Labradoodle is to shed Labradoodles’ suitability for allergy sufferers How much, how often & what type of food to feed How much exercise they need How long you can leave your Doodle alone How and how often to bathe and groom Temperament & behaviour Whether & when to spay or neuter What to feed a Labradoodle with allergies Labradoodle skin conditions Labradoodles’ suitability with children Different types and colours of Labradoodle coats Where to find a rescue Doodle The answers to these & dozens of other questions are all are at your fingertips. The Handbook covers the most common ailments affecting Labradoodles & how to tell if all is not well. You might not know it, but your dog CAN talk to you. A change in your dog's behaviour or habits can be a sign that something is amiss. The Labradoodle Handbook has dozens of pages dedicated to health. Learn to spot:
The Top 10 Signs of a Healthy Dog The 4 Vital Signs of Illness Recognising symptoms of ill health early on and taking swift action can improve your Labradoodle’s chances of a good outcome. If you're lucky, you could even prevent a chronic condition from developing & save a fortune in long-term veterinary bills. Other advice to help you & your Labradoodle enjoy a happy and healthy life together includes -
Top 12 Tips for Selecting a Healthy Puppy The 10 Essential Questions to Ask a Breeder Top 12 Tips for Feeding Your Labradoodle Top 14 Tips for Training Your Labradoodle There’s feeding charts for puppies, adults & seniors, info on behaviour and character traits, true stories & even a Labradoodle quiz. Reviews for the Labradoodle Handbook:
“This book was recommended by my breeder when I got my labradoodle puppy. It was most helpful and I enjoyed learning all about the breed. I would highly recommend this book to anyone thinking of getting a labradoodle or who has one as a member of their family,” Greenthumb, Oxford, PA, USA
“This book has been well used. I am a first-time dog, owner and found this handbook, which I felt had all the info I would need. I’m constantly dipping in and out of it when not sure of something and couldn’t do without it. Strongly recommend, it's been a great help and is written in easy terms,” Cheralyn, UK. 
“The Labradoodle Handbook” is very well researched and enjoyable to read. It is a must-have resource for anyone thinking of buying a doodle pup, or adopting a doodle rescue. Linda Whitwam has navigated the minefield of marketing hype and confusing information,” Jo Cousins, Texas, USA
“Still reading, still learning - lots of good tips - a must have for this breed,” Joanna, UK