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  • Wonder filled

    By Max12348
    This book, like all her others, has the power to make me smile, laugh and cry. Louise Penny is a truly gifted author with an amazing soul.
  • Nice, not thrilling

    By Rika1974
    It’s a very good book. I wouldn’t read it again.
  • A feeling of home

    By travelingty
    This book made me laugh out loud, cry in public and made me angry as if I was actually there. One of the best of the series for me.
  • Snore

    By Kdu85
    This is not a thriller or even a suspenseful murder mystery. This is a story about a police academy and a small Canadian community. Be prepared to yawn through endless pages of pointless details and dialogue with side characters that have little to do with the root of the mystery. As a reader the narrative bounces inside the head of one character to the next, yet still you don’t see what’s clearly going on in their POV. You never learn their secrets or what motivated their actions, so it seems like a waste of time. Ended up feeling like 300+ pages of “huh?” how would that character know that? As an avid mystery reader this annoyed me. When you finically reached the end and learned what happened, it was very lackluster and no surprise. YAWNNN. Pass on this one.
  • If You're Human You Must Read This One

    By SEOhio
    An extraordinary tale of confession, love, redemption, forgiveness, loss and deep love....Louise Penny gets better with every page of this work.
  • Superb

    By SDWill
    From the beginning to the very end...superb.
  • One of the best

    By TexasGB16
    This was great all the way to the last line.
  • If there was a 6th star

    By Mynoot
    I would certainly give this dear book a 6+. And the afterword is so real and touching. The characters in this are amazing and so beautifully developed. A page turner-but you don't want to because the prose is so beautiful and endearing. Someday I would love to meet Louise. I can't imagine that she would be anything less than interesting, caring, insightful, and "kind".
  • A Great Reckoning

    By Artymusician
    I love this writer and most of her stories. Armand should be a model for all males -- he is almost too good to be true. I believe there are good people out there, and hope they will continue to prevail over evil and corruption. The map seemed like a distraction at times, but still enjoyed the cast of wild and crazy -- talented, brilliant poets and artists -- and would probably enjoy retirement in this lovely village! I loved the way Armand gave the Goth girl admission -- wish everyone was so forgiving and non judgmental! Wow!
  • Day of Reckoning

    By BroussardGuy
    I have enjoyed all of Ms Penney's novels with Inspector Gamache. This one, if even possible, is better than those before! Thank you!!!