Coming Alongside - Jeffrey R Funk

Coming Alongside

By Jeffrey R Funk

  • Release Date: 2016-01-31
  • Genre: Reference


Coming Alongside

If you want to equip your congregation to come alongside the hurting

If you feel helpless in visiting those who are dying and grieving

If you would like to visit the sick, but donít know how to get started

This book can help you!

There are practical guidelines contained in this book for visiting sick and suffering patients in the hospital, for calling on residents in a convalescent home, for being present with those facing death, and for coming alongside those who are grieving. This book will help you make a difference in the lives of others by giving you useful insights for caring through listening, by explaining some essential dos and doníts for visiting, by clarifying how to handle emergencies, by helping you understand dying and grief issues, by teaching you how to set boundaries for your ministry, and by showing you how to avoid compassion fatigue.

Itís a must read for anyone interested in coming alongside the hurting in a supportive pastoral care role. 

As one Pastor put it: ìMost laymen are not taught this nor do they have a role model to watch. So this is a great reference book full of live examples to lead us better in this ëMinistry of Caring.í I heartily recommend this much needed book.î


Jeffrey R Funk is the Executive Director of Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association (HCMA). He has been a Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) with HCMA since 1992. He earned a MDiv from Talbot School of Theology, where he teaches a class on Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy. He has been involved in pastoral care since 1971 when he was first licensed to the ministry. He has served as a Police Chaplain and a Chaplain with a local troop of the Boy Scouts of America. He has taught pastors in West Africa on pastoral care and chaplaincy and is a conference speaker on various topics related to pastoral care and chaplaincy. He is married and has five children (two who are living on earth and three who have gone to be with the Lord).