Overcoming Strength Training Plateaus - Mark Sherwood

Overcoming Strength Training Plateaus

By Mark Sherwood

  • Release Date: 2016-04-08
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
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If you have stopped gaining strength in spite of diligent training and consistent workouts, you are experiencing a training plateau. It is a common phenomenon that eventually happens to the vast majority of people who train with weights. Why? Most likely the pattern that kills progress is unknowingly being used. How do you avoid this problem? You must start by understanding the following concepts:
•Why training strategies that once worked quit working.
•The two goals that your body is trying to achieve when it gains strength.
•The goal your body is trying to achieve when it quits gaining strength.
You will also learn how to:
•Avoid training strategies that contradict what your body is trying to achieve when it gains strength
•Train in agreement with what your body is trying to achieve when it does gain strength.
These principles are the foundation for experiencing consistent strength gains for workouts of all kinds. This book provides instructions for how to apply these principles to a variety of training strategies including: basic workouts, block periodization, linear periodization, and nonlinear periodization. You will receive the step by step instructions with each strategy so that you are equipped to overcome a training plateau and start making consistent strength gains again.