Wicked After Midnight - Olivia Jaymes

Wicked After Midnight

By Olivia Jaymes

  • Release Date: 2016-10-18
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4
From 49 Ratings


Shocking revelations…

After a night of tequila shots with her two new friends, Bailey Scott discovers that their husbands all died on the exact same day five years ago.  Shocked, hung over, and in deep denial, she vows to put the entire evening behind her and never give it another thought.  Clearly the universe is messing with all three of them but she won't let it drag her back to that dark place.   She's worked too hard to move on.  

But the past refuses to rest in peace…

Chase Jennings has his work and his friends and although it sometimes gets lonely he's happy.  Sure he'd love to share it with a woman but he simply hasn't found the right one yet.  However there is one shadow in his otherwise sunny life that he can't seem to shake.  He has never forgotten that summer so long ago when a young girl was brutally murdered at his parents' summer camp.  Although there were plenty of suspects there was little evidence.  Everyone has forgotten it but Chase can't seem to put it behind him.

Everything she thought she knew is false…

When their two worlds collide, Bailey and Chase reluctantly team up to investigate the tenuous connection between that murder twenty years ago and her husband Frank's death.  As the pair fights their growing attraction, they uncover deadly secrets that will change their lives and that of others.  All they have believed will be called into question and the only thing they can count on is the blossoming love that brings them ever closer together. 

But the universe isn't nearly done with them yet...

Series description:

Three successful women.  One devastating discovery.  The truth must be found, but the search uncovers a destructive power struggle that goes far beyond their wildest dreams.  The stakes have never been higher and it could cost them everything.  Even their own lives.  Welcome to Midnight Blue Beach.