Parenting Guide - Joseph Barber, MD, FAAP

Parenting Guide

By Joseph Barber, MD, FAAP

  • Release Date: 2016-12-04
  • Genre: Parenting
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Parenting advice is difficult to listen to, understand and incorporate into our daily lives. We all want to be better parents. We know our words and actions intentionally and unintentionally influence our children for the rest of their lives. Each of us want our child to experience joy, love and happiness. We want them to experience friendship and find companionship when and where they need it. We want our children to be purposeful in action and thought and respectful of others. We want them to grow up in a positive environment filled with opportunity. We want our child to live in a safe environment, respect others, be able to choose right from wrong and know how and when to help another.

As your guide I will help you determine what type of parent you are and what type of parent you want to become. I promise to help you find answers to common questions, concerns and problems you are confronted with every day. I have organized the information by topic to provide you understandable parenting advice when and where you have a few minutes of free time. My goal is to help tired and overextended parents change the way they parent one way at a time.

The decision is yours. Do you want your child to feel safe, secure and loved? Do you want your child to have the opportunity to see, hear and feel the world? Are you willing to talk with and tune into your child? Are you ready, willing and able to give your child the love and support to make both good and bad choices and learn from both? If you are, I want to be your guide in this greatest of all life journeys.