Torrid Little Affair - Kendall Ryan

Torrid Little Affair

By Kendall Ryan

  • Release Date: 2017-12-11
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 392 Ratings


The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And I have the perfect candidate all picked out.

My new assistant is tempting beyond belief with her curvy body and take-no-shit attitude. All those luscious curves, and a juicy ass I’m already in love with. God, the things that I would do to that ass…

But it’s the haunted look in her eyes that speaks to me. Like she’s taken just as much shit in her past as I have—maybe more. We both deserve a little fun.

Love can’t fix everything. Mind-blowing sex and a few killer orgasms, on the other hand?
I have a feeling those might do the trick.

This is book three in the Forbidden Desires series, and while it can be read as a standalone, it’s recommended you start with Dirty Little Secret.


  • Love it

    By RachnaT
    I’m so happy for Cooper to finally find heart aches when he was broken and again flutter when he finally found the one...this book is my favorite among all the series...☺️
  • Cooper is perfect!

    By sferguson105
    I have been waiting for Cooper’s story since the end of Dirty Little Promise, and it was so worth it!! After having at bit of a misunderstanding when first meeting, Coop and Corinne quickly released the sparks. They were somewhat opposites, but they both have this loving, nurturing side to them you can’t help but fall in love with. Seeing Cooper heal from his past, and Corinne finally find the gorgeous woman she had hidden inside, was almost as good as seeing these two fall in love. A phenomenal must read!!
  • Disappointing

    By Azjewelie
    I usually love this author’s writing but this book wasn’t her best (IMO). The characters felt flat and one dimensional.
  • Another decadently sensual and seductive installment of the Forbidden Series...

    By Kristie Koste
    Torrid Little Affair By: Kendall Ryan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Review by Kristie K Another decadently sensual and seductive installment of the Forbidden Series, a tasty and tempting morsel… Oh, my sweet and sinful Kendall Ryan…how you work your way into my heart with every single word you write! After the incredible tale of Emma and Gavin in the first two installments, now you bring us the HEA for our favorite brother…Cooper. The one we loved, and lost, in the first two books now gets his just desserts in Torrid Little Affair. Looking for nothing more than to scratch an itch, and forget the woman that let him go…Cooper gets the last thing he expects…forever. Delivering another tantalizing and sinful storyline and a perfect plot, Torrid Little Affair continues the Forbidden Series with as much heat, broken hearts, and lasting love, as we have come to expect from Ms. Ryan. The characters absolutely leap off the page, diving straight into your heart, and sticking around. We fell in love with Cooper in the first two, and fall helplessly for him all over again. Watching two broken souls find their happy with one another was breathtaking, and oh so sexy. I literally cannot wait until the next installment….when will that be again?! A definite must read for any…well, for anyone! Kristie K
  • Cooper Kingsley is so sexy

    By Wookiee 45
    4 stars for - Torrid Little Affair - by Kendall Ryan. This is book three in the Forbidden Desires series - technically it can be read as a stand-alone, but I honestly feel you would enjoy this one more if you read books one - Dirty Little Secret and two - Dirty Little Promise first as an introduction to Cooper. Rest assured though it can be read (with minimal spoilers) prior to reading the others in the series first. Ms. Ryan is back with the delicious Boston based trio of the insanely gorgeous Kingsley brothers who run a lucrative escort service. This time around little brother Cooper decides his new assistant is just what he needs to mend his broken heart. Corrine O’Neil grew up in the foster care system and the few connections she made over the years she has cherished. Keeping to herself and preferring to avoid any attention is how she lives her life so imagine her shock when she is propositioned by her new boss the first time they meet. While uncomfortable and a bit stunned she can’t say it’s the worst thing she has ever heard and actually considers taking him up on it before coming to her senses. Even she can’t deny how sexy her new boss is, but she knows nothing good will come of an office fling except for her being out of a great paying job. A girl can dream though right... Cooper Kingsley has been drowning his sorrows in booze and women since his heart was broken. Getting the call from his big brother - Quinn telling him to get over himself already was what finally brought him back to Boston after six months away. After arriving in the office to discover a curvy blonde as his new administrative assistant he makes a mistake of epic proportions, but learns rather quickly that it may not be so bad after all. Cooper is drawn to this woman on a level he has never experienced before and offers her a deal he’s hoping she can’t refuse. This was a super sexy and surprisingly emotional read that hit me in the feels. I loved the character development and how they both evolved over time. Seriously can’t wait for Quinn’s book next since I feel like he will be a tough nut to crack :)
  • Cooper is Great!

    By Katiekoz
    I was excited for Cooper's book, but also a little nervous. I have loved Coop since the start, he's such a good, sweet guy so I was excited to be in his head some more and learn even more about him. I was slightly nervous because I didn't really like his storyline in the first two books, and I didn't know how much of a factor that would play into his book. Luckily it wasn't a huge part of this storyline and he moved on from that. Corinne is a shy, but sweet girl with a very rough past. She's likable, but frustrating a little at times. Both her and Cooper definitely deserve a happy ending after everything they've been through. The storyline was unique for sure. I predicted some things and was surprised by others. I really enjoyed seeing Coop and Corinne's relationship develop, especially after that awkward first meeting. They are a great fit for one another and they make a cute couple. I'm definitely interested in reading Quinn's book, seeing as he is the brother least talked about. I can't wait to find out more about him and his life.
  • Cooper......*swoon*

    By Pokis
    Kendall Ryan does it again with a book that grabs you and won’t let go! I did not want to set this book down, and when I had to, I was contemplating ways to get back to it quickly! Corrine grabbed my heart. I wanted to give her a huge hug, get her drunk and try and repair the broken pieces her childhood left behind. She is an amazing person, but so self conscious that she feels unworthy. Cooper. Oh Cooper, *swoon*. All hot, sexy, sweet, yet alpha rolled into one panty melting package! He’s also dealing with a difficult childhood, and a recent heart break. Their story is so beautifully damaged. The odds are completely stacked against them. Can they survive all the curveballs thrown their way? The supporting characters were so relatable too!! I need a Mauve in my life! And an Alyssa! I probably spent way less time with my kids when I was reading this book!! It had me hooked from the first few pages! I highly recommend reading it.
  • Loved it

    By Finchelfanforever
    Kendall Ryan has created a wonderful world with her Forbidden Desires books. Technically, Torrid Little Affair can be read as a standalone but I recommend starting with Dirty Little Secret to really get an introduction to this world and some of these characters. I've been waiting for Cooper's story and Kendall Ryan did not disappoint! Corinne was such an interesting character to discover. She was strong, sassy and smart but she also had a vulnerable side that just tugged my heartstrings a bit. I was a little thrown by something with her, that I won't discuss because I hate spoilers, but I loved how the author handled it. I liked learning about her and was rooting for her from the start. Cooper...well, I've been waiting for Cooper's story and I was not disappointed. He's sweet, charming and seductive. He's kind and caring. He's a fabulous book boyfriend. I loved seeing him fall for Corinne. These two DO have chemistry together. They match each other quite well in my opinion. Their road isn't the easiest, but it's THEIRS and it works for them. The sexy times between them were hot for sure as well. I can't review this without mentioning Gavin and Quinn. I needed this book after the first two in the series because I NEEDED to see the siblings interactions with one another. Personally speaking I was definitely pleased with how the author handled this! Torrid Little Affair was a quick read for me because once I started it I didn't want to stop. I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next work from this author. I highly recommend this book.
  • Hot little Romance

    By Mrsdiddy
    4 Stars! The Forbidden Desires series is back with Torrid Little Affair - a boss-employee relationship that scorches the pages. Cooper gets his story! I think we've all been waiting for this. The youngest of the three brothers, Cooper is sensitive and caring and sexy as sin. After he lost the girl he loved to his brother, he disappeared for six months. Now he's back. Still a little gun shy where his brother and his wife are concerned, he decides he needs to find another woman to distract himself from the lingering feelings and simmering hurt. Enter Corinne, Cooper's new assistant. She's sexy, shy and Cooper decides she's exactly what he needs. He offers an indecent proposal that sets off a series of sexy encounters. As feelings start to develop, secrets threaten to ruin everything. I had high hopes for Cooper. I immediately loved him in the first book. He was a little one dimensional and I felt he was trying to be something he wasn't, but he was still lovable and you really want to see him happy. I didn't care for Corinne. I get that she had a rough childhood, she didn't really trust, and she needed a stable job; but, her first interaction with Cooper and her reaction to said interaction made me want to shake her shoulder and tell she is so much better than that! Not to mention Cooper's initial reaction to Corinne made me want to nut-punch him. The fact that she continued on like nothing happened and then accepted his proposal had me yelling at my ereader and my feminist side all in a tizzy. The book is well-written with Kendall Ryan's usual flair and style. She does an amazing job of infusing just the right amount of emotion into all the sexy. This series in particular is a little darker than most of her other books and adds a bit of suspense, which I liked. The secret reveal was good and the ensuing breakdown of Corinne and Cooper's relationship worked for me. The ending was good, too. A little dark, a whole lot of sexy - I think you'll love Torrid Little Affair
  • Emotional, intriguing, and scintillating!

    By Kelly_BTC Blog
    Oh, Cooper. *sigh* Cooper, Cooper, Cooper.... He finally gets his own HEA. Or does he??... We all fell in love with Cooper in book 1 of the Forbidden Desires series. And our hearts also broke right along with his. We're finally given an inside look into his mind, and the not-so-hidden turmoils he's endured trying to nurse his broken spirit. He's quite a unique character...lovable, funny, and just an overall good guy. Throw in his gorgeous good looks and effervescent personality, and any woman would be lucky enough to call him hers. I was immediately intrigued with how Cooper was going to handle going back to working along side his brother, Gavin. We all know what, or more like WHO, came between them. But I had faith in Cooper. He just needed something, or should I say SOMEONE, to take his mind off his heartbreak. Cue: Corinne. Now Corinne was someone that surprised me. Not her introduction per se, more the characteristics she displayed. Her reserved and quite private personality made it difficult to truly understand the type of character she was. Who was she? And what hidden secrets does she keep? I, right along with Cooper, was desperate to find out. The character's initial meeting was, shall I say, unconventional. And as their relationship, both business and personal, continued along those same lines, I couldn't help but wonder if these two really belonged together. But as the book progressed, it was evident that Cooper and Corinne complimented each other wonderfully, giving one another what the other needed. And their shared passion was unbelievably hot and their chemistry together was off the charts! Torrid Little Affair was exactly wanted readers needed for Cooper's story. Emotional, intriguing, and scintillating, this book is an absolute must read that will only make you fall more in love with Kendall Ryan's writing!