Close Cover: A Masters and Mercenaries Novel - Lexi Blake

Close Cover: A Masters and Mercenaries Novel

By Lexi Blake

  • Release Date: 2018-04-10
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 129 Ratings


Remy Guidry doesn’t do relationships. He tried the marriage thing once, back in Louisiana, and learned the hard way that all he really needs in life is a cold beer, some good friends, and the occasional hookup. His job as a bodyguard with McKay-Taggart gives him purpose and lovely perks, like access to Sanctum. The last thing he needs in his life is a woman with stars in her eyes and babies in her future. 

Lisa Daley’s life is going in the right direction. She has graduated from college after years of putting herself through school. She’s got a new job at an accounting firm and she’s finished her Sanctum training. Finally on her own and having fun, her life seems pretty perfect. Except she’s lonely and the one man she wants won’t give her a second look. 

There is one other little glitch. Apparently, her new firm is really a front for the mob and now they want her dead. Assassins can really ruin a fun girls’ night out. Suddenly strapped to the very same six-foot-five-inch hunk of a bodyguard who makes her heart pound, Lisa can’t decide if this situation is a blessing or a curse.

As the mob closes in, Remy takes his tempting new charge back to the safest place he knows—his home in the bayou. Surrounded by his past, he can’t help wondering if Lisa is his future. To answer that question, he just has to keep her alive.


  • Close cover❤️❤️❤️

    By rsrivera
    Absolutely amazing 😉!!!!!! Never to disappoint!!! I’m always looking forward to the next one😍 I have all the crossover set so let’s see how much of Ian taggart’s douche gang do on this one next❤️❤️😍😍😘😘
  • A must read!!!

    By sferguson105
    Another phenomenal read by Lexi Blake!!!! This book sucked me in from the beginning, and keeps you there til the very last page. I loved Remy and Lisa. Lisa may come off as a shy sub at first, but that girl has more sass and spunk than a lot of women, and I love Remy’s reaction to it the first time it comes out. The sparks fly between these two, and it’s not long before they are heating up the pages. The suspense elements were fantastic, and will have you on the edge of your seat. This is definitely a must read!!!
  • OH EM GEE REMY!!!!

    By Lilly428**
    Yes, I had to say it that way because it rhymed. And because Remy is just so amazing! I can just imagine his Cajun accent and the French and oh it's magic. But I have a thing for foreign languages and accents anyway. I’m not one for audiobooks but I’d be all over listening to this as an audio book! *hint hint* This one didn’t strike me as quite as BDSM-y as some of the other McKay-Taggart couples. Maybe just because Lisa was more demure, or so Remy thought. There was some playing at Sanctum but there was a fabulous love story between Lisa and Remy too. I sorta hope some of Remy’s family might have their own books??? Jean-Claude perhaps?
  • Remy can cover me anytime

    By Wookiee 45
    4.5 stars for - Close Cover - by Lexi Blake. This is a cross-over novel written by LB for the kindle world series that is one of six books by six different authors based on a Mckay/Taggart team of bodyguards falling head over heels in love after they all swore it would never happen to them. Remy Guidry is the tall gorgeous Cajun that Lisa had admired at Sanctum since she finished her training as a submissive but after finally working up the courage to talk to him he shot her down and walked away. So finding out he was her new next door neighbor was shocking to say the least since she still found him so attractive. Lisa had such a run of bad juju lately she was hoping her luck was going to change. First she loses her job because her boss was up to no good and she could possibly be in danger. Since that was her only job experience out of school and she really can't use it as a reference she can't find a new one so she has been stuck doing menial jobs since. Remy Guidry has been all over the world, shot at and even blow up once and now it's time for him to head back home to the bayou to take over his family business and save the small community where he grew up. Remy is working this one last bodyguard job for a ton of money to secure the funds he needs to purchase his family business from his cousin. The only problem is the job is a very Close Cover of Lisa Daley - the one woman he won't allow himself to have since she deserves so much better than he could ever give her. The only problem is the closer they get the harder Remy falls and he soon realizes she is the only woman for him. I love McKay/Taggart and have always wanted a kindle world series and the authors that participated were phenomenal! Not only was this a great addition to one of my favorite long time series but to see it through fresh eyes was so interesting too. Then that epilogue with it's promise of so many great things to come leaves me always wanting more!
  • My shrimp

    By LizGilbert1307
    This is my first book in this series. I was under the understanding that you didn’t need to read the others in the series. I will say that I had a hard time following. I plan on going back and reading the whole series. I liked the characters and the plot, I just think it would be better if I read the whole series.
  • Really good!

    By TheBookDisciple
    I really did not care from Remy at first. He is VERY judgmental and it was a huge turn off. But, he is willing to own up to his misjudgment. I liked Lisa. She is smart and resilient. The BDSM is pretty tame in the story (which IMO was good because I didn't want a story about BDSM; this is a romantic suspense whose characters happen to play in the BDSM lifestyle)