Your Sleepless Baby The Rescue Guide - Rowena Bennett

Your Sleepless Baby The Rescue Guide

By Rowena Bennett

  • Release Date: 2014-12-11
  • Genre: Parenting


Babies are not born as good or bad sleepers, they become that way.

In Your Sleepless Baby, Rowena Bennett describes medical, developmental and behavioural reasons for babies who experience broken sleep, trouble falling asleep and unusual sleeping patterns.

Rowena challenges the western practice of medicating distressed, overtired babies simply because their behaviour is misunderstood. She also dispels common misperceptions about bed sharing, sleep training, and what it takes to support a child's emotional development.

To encourage a baby to become a "good sleeper" parents must support them to self-regulate sleeping patterns and stabilise their baby's internal body clock. Fail to provide the right support and you might find that promoting sleep and contentment becomes an exhausting and never-ending battle.

Babies are individuals and each family is unique. Solutions that what work for one, may not work for another. Rowena explains ways parents and caregivers influence their baby's sleeping patterns and behaviour... for better or worse.

No matter what your preferred style of parenting, in Your Sleepless Baby you'll find a drug-free solution to match.