My Tunisian Cookbook - Goce Nikolovski

My Tunisian Cookbook

By Goce Nikolovski

  • Release Date: 2018-04-28
  • Genre: Regional & Ethnic


The Tunisian gastronomy is the result of rare combinations mixing local know-how and the contributions of various origins at various times.
The Tunisian cuisine was enriched throughout the centuries by the contributions of the people who came in the country. For example, the Jewish community's impact is very significant as were the Berbers who brought couscous to Tunisia.
Tunisian cuisine is based on olive oil and spices whose suitable mixture and erudite proportioning achieved miracles, transforming simple and inexpensive products into refined dishes. 
Like all Mediterranean countries, Tunisian cuisine depends not only on olive oil, spices, and tomatoes but also on a great assortment of fishes and meats. It draws its inspiration from various sources particularly Berber, Arab, Turkish and even Italian.
Over the centuries this traditional cuisine has naturally evolved. Today, Tunisian cuisine is the pride of new generations. 
This Tunisian cookbook contains over 170 recipes, which will bring to your table some of the best and the tastiest dishes from the traditional Tunisian cuisine. You will enjoy preparing and tasting every one of the meals!

Enjoy and Bon Appetit !!!