Circle of the Moon - Faith Hunter

Circle of the Moon

By Faith Hunter

  • Release Date: 2019-02-26
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 188 Ratings



Set in the same world as Faith Hunter's bestselling Jane Yellowrock novels, the fourth Soulwood novel stars Nell Ingram, who channels her power from the earth.

Nell can draw magic from the land around her, and lately she's been using it to help the Psy-Law Enforcement Division, which solves paranormal crimes. Joining the team at PsyLED has allowed her to learn more about her powers and the world she always shunned--and to find true friends.
Head agent Rick LaFleur shifts into a panther when the moon calls him, but this time, something has gone wrong. Rick calls Nell from a riverbank--he's naked, with no memory of how he came to be there, and there's a dead black cat, sacrificed in a witch circle and killed by black magic, lying next to him.
Then more animals turn up dead, and team rushes to investigate. A blood-witch is out to kill. But when it seems as if their leader is involved in the crime, the bonds that hold the team together could shatter at any moment.


  • Amazing Addition to the Soulwood Series

    By Witch-at-Heart
    I am not one for spoilers so I am going to explain my reading experience for both this book and the series in general. I hope you are enticed to read the entire series of book and love them as much as I do! The Soulwood series is something that is almost hard to describe if you want to fit it in a certain type of literary box. You do not have to be a fan of urban fantasy to find this enthralling world fascinating. Faith Hunter is a remarkable storyteller and she is able to give her readers the type of experience that leaves you unable to put it down. I love the evolution of characters and I feel a connection into the lives of each character, into their inner thoughts, while I read, I almost seem to know them and I can imagine them as real people for a brief time. The in-depth layers of the storyline also blow me away. It flows effortlessly from book to book, the complex long games weave together into multiple story lines, and it amazes me as they come to fruition. Circle of the Moon creates a feeling that leaves you with the desire to turn every page because you cannot wait to see what will happen next. You become so engaged in the world, the characters and the overall story that you do not want it to ever end. For me it’s a very rare feeling to want to devour every page with the urgency to read it as fast as possible but regret that you see can the end is near and you want to prolong it somehow so you can stay within this world just a little longer… I could hardly wait for Circle of the Moon and I was not disappointed it was another amazing addition to an already outstanding series.
  • Faith and Nell do it again!

    By Kiiyta
    The fourth installment in the Soulwood series was well worth the wait. Fast-paced, and fully immersive, Faith weaves a fantastic world with relatable characters and a deep world! Love, love, LOVE! This book and series. Absolutely will read again! If you like the Soulwood-Nell series, definitely check out Faith’s Jane Yellowrock of the same universe. 🖤🖤
  • Entertaining

    By Curly’s Ramblings
    Circle of the Moon is likely my favorite in the series. Nell has really come into herself in her new role while still balancing and working on familial relationships left behind. The story is entertaining, clean smexy, and has plenty of mystery! Looking forward to the next book!