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  • Two thumbs down

    By jackie3rh
    So bad, the main female character is so annoying. She’s 24 and acts like a child. Don’t waste your time reading this book.
  • Garbage

    By straighttalker198
    The regular lexy timms garbage book. I am always unfazed with how bad her books are. There isn’t any character development, character depth, a falling action or a real good story.
  • Female character

    By shunt74
    She was too much drama.
  • Horrible

    By jazduran
    I didn’t even finish reading this. It seems to be written by a child. Skip this one
  • Nope.

    By crtl-freak007
    10 chapters into the book and I couldn’t do it anymore. I’ve never read a book where the main character irritates me beyond belief. She’s not likable in the slightest bit. 24 year old who literally behaves like a 13 year old, has nothing going on for herself besides being a pain in the rear. I’m not sure how others got through, but don’t waste your time if you prefer reading about adults instead of children.
  • This Series

    By Cohen Plesser
    I absolutely love this series and the spin off of protecting Layla is amazing. Recommend it to anyone who loves Lexy Timms books !!
  • Great until the end

    By Breebella2012
    I absolutely loved this book for the most part. It was getting really good && then I got to the end. It leaves off on a cliffhanger that leads to the next book. This is kind of annoying because there are multiple books in this sequence and I don’t want to have to continue buying more books just to finish the story. Definitely a bit disappointed. IG @ BeautifullyBria
  • Jesus

    By Sickens jack
    If a character is smart, make her smart. If a character keeps SAYING that they have certain characteristics, give them those characteristics. Don’t tell me a female is smart and then have her walk with a stranger (who she can tell is bad btw) into an area WHERE SHE CAN’T BE SEEN. You’d think that a writer would understand this kind of thing.
  • Her Bdyguard. By Levy Timms

    By Dogree
    Typical soldier turned bodyguard for the elite. A politician am crossed the wrong folks and he has daughter being threatened. She escapes from her protectors only to be captured by the guys chasing her Senator father.