If I Only Knew - Corinne Michaels

If I Only Knew

By Corinne Michaels

  • Release Date: 2019-01-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 393 Ratings


From New York Times Bestseller, Corinne Michaels, comes a sexy, heartwarming standalone romance novel.
My life was perfect - until a shocking tragedy pulled the rug out from underneath me. 
My children were left without a father. I was without a husband and a provider. Instead of wallowing in my grief, I buried myself in my work at Dovetail Enterprises. Landing the promotion as the CEO’s right hand was exactly what I needed. 
Getting saddled with Milo Huxley as an assistant is exactly the opposite. 
I can’t stand him. 
He’s arrogant, irresponsible, and out for my job. As if that’s not bad enough, he has to be devastatingly sexy, and have a posh English accent that makes me squirm on top of it all. I’ve had enough unpredictability for one lifetime, thank you. 
But soon enough, we’re fighting less and laughing more. He’s there for me when no one else is. And those good looks aren’t the only panty-dropping thing about him. 
If I only knew what to do about it....


  • One click worthy once again from Corinne!

    By Meredithlpat1122
    This was a perfect wrap up to this series following the four best of friends. Before I even get to Milo and Danielle, I have to first point out what makes these women's friendship so special. They are all there for each other through anything. "No one in this tribe walks alone." But not only that they are all different things to each other. They all have their own roles and without one of them there would be a huge hole that would leave the entire group changed forever. I loved how Corinne wasn't afraid to make Ava a straight up brat. Ava just lost her father who was the most important person in the world to her and she's trying in her own teenage hormonal way to cope, and there isn't anything about that that would be pretty and Corinne writes Ava's attitude perfectly and unapologetically. Now as for Milo and Danielle, I love their dynamic and how they met. It wasn't insta-love, it was insta-real. How would you act if you just landed a dream job after the toughest year and a half of your life and now you have to fight some punk lost wayward brother of your boss. Yeah no thank you. I only rated this as 4 stars because it was surprisingly an easy read. It wasn't wrought with the angst and the punching plot lines I've come to expect from Corinne. However it was a lovely book and the characters growth and arc changes were a pleasure to read. Milo and Danielle was the perfect ending to a wonderful series about love, hope and keeping your tribe close.
  • Love their love

    By strongfaith1
    Danielle and Milo’s story is a love I fell in love with. Her loss and his stubbornness seem like no one will progress. But each of them do and when it happens it’s fast and strong. Milo is a swoony book boyfriend and Dani is no pushover, yet he wins her heart. I cannot forget the friendship Danielle shares with her girls. It is one of the best parts of the story. They are more like sisters in every way and couldn’t be funnier in their honesty and naughtiness!
  • Milo and Danielle Belong Together!!

    If I Only Knew was a very good conclusion to this series about 4 friends who each get a second chance at love. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If I Only Knew focuses on Danielle Bergen and Milo Huxley. When we first met Danielle in the very first book of the series, she was the one who settled, married with children, and happy, but then tragedy struck and turned her life upside down. In walks Milo, the not so dependable brother of Callum Huxley, the husband of Nicole Dupree, whose story is told in Not Until You, who not only turns Danielle's world upside in a good way, but also her childrens'. Milo was just the man that was needed at just the right time in the Bergen household. Milo and Danielle were perfect together. Their relationship may not have started off in the traditional sense, since Danielle had something Milo wanted and refused to give up...thanks to his brother. Let me just add, I love Callum!! I loved taking this journey with Milo and Danielle, and watching them fall in love with each other without even realizing they were falling. The sacrifices that each one of them was willing to make for their love really touched my heart. Yes, all of the characters that we have fallen in love with are back for one more go around, offering their love, support, and nosiness ,in If I Only Knew. I absolutely loved Parker, Danielle's little son. What a great kid. I thought Ava, Danielle's daughter, was a great character and brought a lot depth to the story. However, I will admit to wanting a little more fleshing out of the relationship between the brothers, Callum and Milo. Maybe we can get a novella on that??!!! ;) And I'm sorry to say this, because I love Nicole, but she did upset me somewhat in this one later on, but then she redeemed herself. So, yes, I highly recommend reading If I Only Knew. Heck, I recommend you read the entire series, so that you can get to fall in love with this great group of friends and the wonderful men that they fall in love with. I honestly cannot wait to see what Corinne Michaels has in store for us readers next.
  • Best of the series!

    By JSadowski73
    So you're looking for a swoony hero? A book with lots of laughs but also tons of emotion? You've come to the right place. This book had the full range of emotions and hero swoon in spades. By far my favorite of the series. Dani and Milo's angsty, slow burn journey was delicious but this story was also heartwarming and feel good! The perfect combination.
  • A must read !!

    By AnnettePopa
    Ahhhh!! The Feels , a bit of angst and HOT !!! I absolutely adored this book . Danielle has been through the ringer , her strength and love for her children were everything . I can’t imagine dealing with what she went through it literally gave me all the feels . Then Milo comes along and OMG !!! I swooned , he’s a pain but how can you not just love him !!! This is now my favorite CM book .

    By lovekellankyle
    If I Only Knew is without-a-doubt another incredible heartwarming Corinne Michaels standalone romance. This book gave me all the emotional feels, the laugh out loud friendships (the best squad) and the sexy chemistry and steam between the two leads, Danielle and Milo. I always find myself completely and utterly in love with way Corinne writes her male leads. Milo Huxley is sinful, delicious, and the hero we all need in our own happily ever afters. IIOK had me obsessed from beginning to end. This book is an enemies to lovers, office romance with the emotional gut punch only Corinne Michaels knows exactly how to deliver. You will swoon, laugh, cry and feel everything for these characters.
  • Simply Breathtaking

    By lisarut07
    I finished this book with tears in my eyes and a very full heart. It’s the little things in Corinne’s books that touch me so deeply. If I Only Knew, was incredibly breathtaking and absolutely delightful! And add Milo to the top of your fave Hero Lists, because he’s most definitely going to rock your world ❤️❤️❤️
  • So Good!!

    By AmyBustard
    Oh my heart!! I must say Corinne knows how to pull on those heart strings. I never listened to an audiobook until If I Only Knew was released on Audible 1st.. I was amazed!! So of course I had to read the book as well!! Between Milo & Danielle and of course her crazy bunch of friends.. The story was so good with all the feels that listening to it than reading it..WOW!! Corinne just amazes me with that creative mind of hers. The story is just so real!! Everyone of her characters ( I hate calling them that because they always feel so real to me.. real people.. like run into them in public real..lol) Everyone of her characters just make this story as well as her other books more intriguing. After finishing Nicole's story in the previous book (One Last Time), and all the trouble Callum dealt with when it came to his brother Milo.. I wondered how much of a player he was going to be.. Surprise surprise.. That man played on all emotions.. Danielle really has no chance! The chemistry.. the banter, that British accent.. With everything that Danielle had to deal with after her life changed in the blink of an eye.. All I can say is this book is a must read.. must listen... it's that story that will stay with you for life!
  • The Tribe to Live By

    By JuuJuuKay
    Not only has Corinne Michaels given us another male you want to strangle as you hug him, she provides leading ladies who make up the tribe of your dreams. The story of Danielle and Milo is one makes you believe in second chances, and not want to give up on love. Danielle is a strong-willed female, and Milo is an infuriatingly loveable male, and together they bring you a heart-felt story that makes you want to start over as soon as it's finished. IIOK is the fourth and final installment of CM's Second Chance series. She brings you four amazing women and four dream worthy males in four amazing stories that bring to life all the feels great stories should contain. Through the tears, laughter, joy, and pain, you witness and feel aspects of everyday life through the eyes of four women in the most relatable way. While I'm sad to see these ladies' stories come to an end, I'm glad to have experienced a part of their lives.
  • Milo is the book boyfriend that will keep you turning the pages and panting for more! 💜

    By Lexilooloolex
    This 5 star read will claim a permanent piece of your heart. Milo is the book boyfriend that will keep you turning the pages and panting for more! 💜 All the sighs! This book was everything that a romance book should be. It was a wonderful escape from everyday life and problems. The characters, plot, build up and flow were spot on! I felt for the characters....ALL.THE.FEELS!!! The story didn’t go heavy on heat, heartbreak, angst or romance. It sprinkled different elements throughout the story to keep you hooked to the book. I can always rely on Author Corinne Michaels to take me to my happy place...immersed in a book that becomes my favorite escape from life’s woes. I love being swept away by her stories. Tragedy turned to triumph. Danielle and Peter’s life together ends in tragedy. She is forced to pick up the pieces and learn how raising her children on her own is now her new normal. With her squad of friends she is never truly alone. “No one in this tribe walks alone”. They are a fierce, loving and protective friend group. Working at Dovetail Enterprises, in walks Milo, quite literally (hot British accent and all). He isn’t what he seems or what she expected and neither is she to him. My heart smiled along with my face. l love them together and he is the epitome of perfect book boyfriend. This is the fourth book in a standalone series. None of the books are to be missed! If you are looking for the perfect book to immerse yourself in, fall in love with and live in your heart, then this is the book for you to read next.