Penthouse Prince - Kendall Ryan

Penthouse Prince

By Kendall Ryan

  • Release Date: 2020-09-01
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 497 Ratings


A delicious new single dad standalone romance from New York Times bestseller Kendall Ryan.

Lexington Dane was my brother’s best friend growing up.

We did everything together.

He taught me how to throw a punch, how to change a tire…and he taught me how to kiss. I fell hard and fast, and gave him all my firsts.

I promised I’d wait for him…

But I’m done waiting, because he went off to college and never came back. He took his fancy business degree and moved to New York City, where he promptly became a real estate mogul—turning every penthouse and apartment project he touched into gold.
It’s been ten years, and now he’s back and needs a favor…someone to watch his little girl. That’s right, the cocky penthouse prince and heartbreaker extraordinaire Lexington is back with an adorable two-year-old daughter.

Guess who he wants to watch her?

I’ve never been able to say no to him. I might agree to be the nanny for his precious little angel, but there’s no way in hell I’m falling for her hot-as-sin daddy.


  • Second Chance Love Done Right

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    PENTHOUSE PRINCE, Kendall Ryan's latest, is a bit different from her other books, and I am totally here for it. A slow burn second-chance romance, in a small town ( my town, believe it or not, with a little bit of artistic license, but I'll take it) with her brother's best friend...that's a lot of tropes, but it totally worked for me here. Did Lex pull the total creep move years ago? Yep. Does he deserve a second chance? Absolutely. Because he's a changed man, with a different perspective, and is willing to do right by Corrigan this time around. Is Corrigan right to wonder whether she's crazy for putting herself in Lex's orbit? Maybe a little bit, but there's no winning against toddlers with sassy streaks a mile wide (Grier, not Lex...😉). And, time does heal many wounds, so nothing ventured, nothing gained, I'd say. Sure, there were moments that I wanted to shake both Corrigan and Lex, but, all in all, PENTHOUSE PRINCE was a solid book that I really enjoyed, a kinder, gentler Kendall that I am really digging. More like this, please, Kendall. Grab this prince and enjoy, romance friends. ❤️
  • Get ready to get your heart stolen!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    Get ready to get your heart stolen! Corrigan grew up in love with her older brother’s best friend Lexington – until she found out as a teenager that he returned her feelings and they dated in secret until he went to college and broke things off abruptly. Ten years later, Lexington returns home after finding out his mother has a terminal illness, bringing his young daughter with him. At the recommendation of his best friend, he reaches out to Corrigan to nanny his daughter for the summer, and initially she is not going to do it – until she meets his daughter. As the three of them spend time together, Corrigan realizes she’s not only falling back in love with Lex, but also falling in love with his daughter, and they feel the same way. Thankfully Lex decides to act on the feelings that never went away thanks to his best friend and mother, and these two get the HEA they were always destined to have. Per usual, I couldn’t get enough of Kendall’s storylines and her characters and I can’t wait for her next book! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Penthouse Prince

    By LatersBaby7
    Oh boy, Kendall never disappoints! I loved this story. Looking forward to her Frisky Business Series!
  • Great Story with Great Characters

    By Lnn20122
    This is a single-dad, second chance, slow-burn romance and I am sooo here for it. Lexington left North Carolina for college and never looked back. Leaving behind his mom, his best friend and his first love behind. Fast forward to present day and he is a successful real estate mogul in New York City raising his two-year-old daughter, Grier. After about his mom’s declining health, he decides to leave The Big Apple and go back home. Corrigan is the girl he left behind. She is his best friend’s younger sister. Lexington left her heart broken and wondering why he did not come back when he said he would. Now Lex is back, and he wants a favor. That favor to be the nanny to his adorable daughter. Can she do that and not give into her feelings for him? This book was such a great read! What made this book for me were the characters. These characters jumped off the page. I really had instalove with all of them. From the push and pull between Lex and Corrigan to Grier and her well just being a two year old. I even fell in love with her stuffed animal bat, FlapFlap. I could not get enough. If you want a story what will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart that is filled with great characters, then give this book a go.
  • Great Book

    By Ms. Jessie
    10 years before Lexington Dane became the penthouse prince he and Corrigan were together. As high school sweet heart Corrigan was mad when lex left for college and moved to New York and never heard from him again. Now 10 years later Lex is a single dad who comes back home due to his mother health. When he and Corrigan meet in the park for the first time she can’t believe he’s back and has a 2 year daughter. lex had a favor to ask Corrigan if she could becomes his 2 year old daughters nanny . She accept and things are good. There chemistry is strong and they both know it , when Corrigan turns down a date with lex for another date it doesn’t work . She can’t stop thinking about him. And the same for lex. But when she does accept his date lex brings his little girl and when she calls Corrigan mommy things change.
  • Second chance.

    By rlamlt
    Lex and Corrigan were secret high school sweethearts. When Lex breaks Corrigan’s heart she is devastated. Lex moved to New York and never looks back. When his mom’s illness brings him back home he needs to ask a huge favor of Corrigan. Good second chance romance. Plenty of steam. Lex’s daughter was fun. Lex was a typical heartbreaker. Corrigan was an interesting heroine. Enjoyable read, If a bit formulaic.
  • Swoon-Worthy!

    By Astroyic
    Charming! Flawless from start to finish. This was a seriously addicting and entertaining read. It was an emotional, angst filled, fun sweet and steamy ride. I just couldn’t put it down. Wow! The dynamics of these two! Lex and Corrigan were both strong, well-developed characters that I loved. But due to their past, there was some tension and animosity between them, but also this crazy attraction and chemistry as well. As Corrigan tries to safeguard her heart from Lex, Grier pulls her in hook, line, and sinker. This was everything I love in a story. These two took my heart on a swoon worthy ride, with a storyline that was just so charming, steamy and wonderful. Penthouse Prince is engaging, steamy, emotional and perfectly romantic and it delivers a sublime happy-ever-after with all the feels. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself staying up late with this one.
  • What a prince!

    By Bibliophile Chloe
    This new standalone story from Kendall Ryan has all the good things a romance should have! This is the story of Lexington and Corrigan, high school sweethearts.  But with young love and young people, mistakes are made, hearts are broken and lives go on without each other. Corrigan is a smart, sassy heroine that tries hard to stick to her guns when it comes to Lexington coming back into her world. Lexington is a swoony single-dad that realizes way too late that he had let the best thing to happen to him go when he left for college. This is a fast paced, low angst love affair! The chemistry between Lex and Corrigan is white hot.  The love that blooms between Corrigan and Grier is special in all the best ways! If you are looking for a fabulous, fast-paced read, get your hands on this story from Ms. Ryan.
  • Great 2nd chance single dad romance!

    By Cermak00
    Single dad romance? Yes, PLEASE!!! When you up and leave your high school sweetheart, hearts get broken and things are never the same. Now that Lexington is back in Corrigan’s life with his little girl in tow after all these years, feelings still haven’t changed. Penthouse Prince was a heartfelt, swoony romance with the most precious little girl thrown into the mix. I loved watching Lexington and Corrigan come back together and the addition of Grier making them a family.
  • Great story!

    By hnobbs
    This was a fantastic second chance romance story. Lexington “Lex” and Corrigan were secret high school sweethearts, Corrigan was the younger sister of Lex’s best friend. Then Lex just left for college and never came back and never explained to Corrigan that he was leaving and never coming back and now 10 years later he is back....with a 2 year old daughter named Grier. Grier is the cutest thing and Lex’s whole world revolves around his daughter and his work. Until he comes back to his hometown and realizes he never got over Corrigan. Lex ends up hiring Corrigan to be his daughter’s nanny and they are able to rekindle their friendship even though the relationship feelings are still there or at least Lex is hoping that Corrigan still wants to be with him. This is a slow burn romance and it was exactly what this couple needed. They were great together and when you added Grier to the mix they were the perfect little family.