The Cavapoo Handbook - Linda Whitwam

The Cavapoo Handbook

By Linda Whitwam

  • Release Date: 2019-04-18
  • Genre: Pets


If you’re looking for a book full of SPECIFIC info about Cavapoos, your search is over.
With 132,000 words and over 200 high quality colour photos DEDICATED TO CAVAPOOS, the new Cavapoo Handbook is the biggest & most detailed book ever published about this popular, loving hybrid. 
It’s a must-have for anyone with a Cavapoo puppy, adult or rescue dog.
Cavapoo breeders, owners and experts have all combined with canine author Linda Whitwam to produce “The Cavapoo Bible." It provides a blueprint for a successful lifelong partnership between you & your new arrival
It’s packed full of beautiful colour photos, info & insider tips on everything you ever need to know about caring for & training these unique dogs right throughout their lives.
Learn what makes your Cavapoo tick, how his or her temperament is affected by the Poodle and Cavalier ancestry – and how YOUR behaviour affects your Cavapoo’s behaviour.
Learn about: typical Cavapoo traits, Cavapoos for allergy sufferers, Cavapoos & children, what Cavapoos love & hate, exercise, grooming, dealing with puppy biting & jumping up, & caring for an ageing Cavapoo.
For anyone who hasn’t chosen their puppy yet, there’s:
How to Find a Good Breeder & Questions to Ask, Where NOT to Buy a Cavapoo From, How to Choose a Healthy Pup, Colours, Sizes & F Numbers, Male or Female? Picking a Puppy With the Right Temperament For You, Cavapoo-Proofing Your Home & Rescue Cavapoos.
Once home, the book guides you through:
Coping with the First Few Days & Nights Getting Your Cavapoo Used to You & Your Home Understanding & Bonding with Your New Arrival Housetraining Crate Training Obedience Training incl. Sit, Stay, Recall, Walking on Lead Socialisation There’s over 20 pages on Feeding, incl. Feeding Puppies, Feeding Charts, Fussy Eaters, Raw Diet, Reading Dog Food Labels & Feeding Seniors.
Cavapoo Health, Skin & Allergies are covered at length with proven medical & holistic treatments. Read tips on Insurance for Cavapoos, Keeping Your Cavapoo Healthy, Keeping Ears Infection-Free, Cavapoo Facts of Life, Spaying, Neutering, Vaccinations, Worming & De-Fleaing.
“What a great find. We already have a cavapoo she is nearly 5. I can't recommend this book strongly enough both for new and existing owners. It's actually written for Cavapoos, not a cloned book which just changes the breed name,” LOUISE POWELL, UK
“Wow! This book had a lot of useful information for our Cavapoo puppy. I love all the real life examples in the book from other Cavapoo owners. Great resource guide- I would recommend it for all Cavapoo owners!!” LILLIAN PAXTON, USA
“I thought this book was fantastic. I have read other puppy books in preparation for getting my first Cavapoo and none have been as good as this one. If you want to be prepared for a new Cavapoo puppy or would like to retrain an older dog this is the book for you. I loved it,” NICOLA DICKSON, UK
“I've had my Cavapoo for 2.5 years and still learned so much from this amazingly comprehensive handbook. The best part is the examples and experiences provided by various Cavapoo owners and Cavapoo experts alike. This is the best resource I have come across and I did a lot of research on Cavapoos before getting my puppy,” ANJILI MATHUR, USA
 “This book is fantastic! Much bigger than I expected so more than worth the money. So informative and in a really easy to read format. It has everything you could possibly need to know about Cavapoos.
It will be staying on my book shelf so I can refer to it as and when needed. Oh and gorgeous puppy pictures too!!”