Shielding Kinley - Susan Stoker

Shielding Kinley

By Susan Stoker

  • Release Date: 2020-08-25
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 742 Ratings


She’s always been an outsider, but it’s a dangerous time to be alone and he may be her only hope.

Being raised in the foster system has made Kinley Taylor feel like a lifelong outcast, but it’s witnessing a young girl’s last few minutes on Earth that proves just how alone she truly is. Kinley has no one to turn to, no family, no friends…except perhaps the gorgeous Delta Force soldier she met months ago. The one she ignored when he’d tried to keep in touch, convinced he couldn’t really be interested in a relationship.

When Kinley ghosts him not once, but twice, Gage “Lefty” Haskins takes the hint. Clearly the pretty personal assistant didn’t feel the same connection he did. Or so he assumes…until she shows up in Texas, on the run for her life after already surviving an assassination attempt. Lefty couldn’t turn her away even if he wanted to—and he doesn’t. The longer he knows her, the greater the connection he feels. He just has to keep Kinley alive long enough to convince her she’s The One.

Easier said than done, when the man who wants her dead has friends in high places…and a very patient hitman on retainer.

** Shielding Kinley is the 2nd book in the Delta Team Two Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.


  • Great read

    By JoGolds
    I finished this book in just a couple days. My only complaint is the name use for the male main character. Sometimes he’s Gage; sometimes he’s Lefty. It would make sense if he was referred to as Lefty in his team/work setting then Gage in everyday life. However, there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why the author alternates between the names.
  • Shielding Kinley

    By rjbor
    I really enjoyed reading this. The connection of the men, how they are family. The sadness of Kinley due to her history . One I could not put down till done. TY
  • Good title

    By hillbilly queen
    Loved the book but I don’t like God’s name being used in vane even if it was only one time books and movies would be so much more entertaining with out foul language and cursing against God
  • Excellent

    By 2qcncbje
    Susan Stoker’s books never disappoint.
  • Awesome!!

    By Jbean168
    This story gave me all the feels of a great romantic suspense. It has intrigue, excitement, heart pounding suspense and a beautiful developing relationship between Kinley and Gage “Lefty” Haskins. My heart went out to Kinley. When she felt so invisible and lonely because of all that life had shown her I could feel that also. But when Gage came along and showed her friendship and loyalty and love it was beautiful. On the other hand the suspense kept me on edge of your seat and I couldn’t put it down. LOVED IT!!!
  • Soooo good!!

    By OB213
    Lefty and Kinley....OMG!!!!! All I can say is WOW!!!!! 😍❤️
  • Oh So Good!

    By Team Craig
    Shielding Kinley is book 2 in the Delta Team 2 Series. It is another great one written by Susan Stoker. This book had me from the start and sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. You will need tissues! Yes, I ugly cried more than once. Their book has an abused and bullied foster care survivor who grew up unloved and lonely until she met a handsome Delta Force soldier who saved life her and showed her what friendship and love is. This is threatened when someone tries to kill her after she sees something she wasn’t supposed to see. This is an exciting and heartwarming book.
  • All the Feels

    By Doingthisforcoinsssssdzzzzz
    Lefty and Kinley first meet in Africa when he saves her from getting caught up in an angry crowd. They “click” instantly so he’s truly disappointed that she never returned his emails or texts. When he learns they’ll be in Paris at the same time and place, he engineers some time together with the help of the Delta team assigned to Kinley’s boss and his staff. This one has all the feels: excitement, anxiety, happiness, terror, wild attraction, humor, loss, and love.
  • Intense

    By Scmone
    From beginning to end this story had me enthralled. Kinley and Gages story kept me up all night reading . Witnessing the young girl being with ambassador to France then seeing her body on the news the next morning and all kinley went through in order to “ do the right thing “ while she and her soldier fall in love was rough . I highly recommend this book and all of Susan Stokers books .
  • Loved This Book

    By ShellBooks66
    Shielding Kinley is book 2 in the Delta Team Two series, I found it to be suspenseful, full of action and danger and definitely some great friendships with some chemistry. I loved this book probably a bit more then book 1, the character were well developed in my personal opinion and easy to like. The thing about Susan Stoker books is that they are a great was to escape everyday stresses and just enjoy a great story. Gage "Lefty" Haskins is a Delta Force soldier who was intrigued by the young woman he met at his last assignment some months earlier, they exchanged emails and numbers to keep in contact but when he never hears from her he is disappointed. Kinley Taylor is shocked and a bit embarrassed to see the handsome soldier Gage again because of her insecurities she never answered his emails, but she is determined to rectify the situation. This is the beginning of a great book that will also tug at your heartstrings. I absolutely loved this book and I highly recommend it.