Keto Vegetarian Cookbook - Linda Thomas

Keto Vegetarian Cookbook

By Linda Thomas

  • Release Date: 2019-10-09
  • Genre: Special Diet


What does it take as vegetarian to follow a ketogenic lifestyle and reap its numerous health benefits? To most people the idea of a ketogenic vegetarian diet may seems almost impossible considering the fact that most legumes and grains are to be avoided on a keto. However on vegetarian diet fish and meat are to be eliminated. How do you get the most out it? The vegetarian keto diet relies on so much on other healthy fats, such as avocados, eggs, coconut oil, dairy, seeds and nuts.

This book is your complete guide to the ketogenic vegetarian diet with 101 tasty low carb, high-fat recipes for efficient weight loss suitable for vegan, ovo vegetarian, lacto vegetatian and lacto-ovo vegetarian.

If you pay good attention to your body, you will understand exactly what it wants. The reward of shaping our body through the ketogenic lifestyle is truly amazing. However, what most of use lack is the proper information and guidance on food selection and how to prepare meals that are perfect for the body to thrive on. You can create a perfect body if you follow through with the steps and guidance you will find in this cookbook.

This cookbook provide you with vast experience I have gathered over the years helping patient struggling with their weight and health through the ketogenic lifestyle combined with amazing benefits one can reap being a vegetarian. You will be able to lose weight, be in good shape, burn belly fat and achieve overall good health. 

You will discover in this book

An overview of the ketogenic diet and its main health benefits

The Essential steps to attain ketosis safely with a vegetarian diet

101 Delicious Keto Recipes suitable for vegetarian and vegan diiets that will make your mouth water

A list of Vegetarian food items that is compatible for the keto diet

Secret meal plan that will help you weight in no time

Tips & Tricks to double your metabolism rate for faster results

Everything vegetarians need to know to prepare keto-friendly recipes

As I always say, eating healthy is as important as living healthy, without wasting much time click the buy button and start your journey!