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  • Fun read

    By aslase1209
    Loved it!
  • Two Moons

    By FreyaJoe
    We love and we pine for what might have been. Jennifer is a cold and distant mother so Breen and Marco have made themselves, along with and Sally and Derrick, a family of choice! Only after a trip to Ireland does she find the family of her father. A mystical family in a mystical world. I am thankful that it is the first of the series because I would have been really upset if this was the end of the story. Read and enjoy this wonderful and magical story by Nora Roberts. Then read the rest of the series and be amazed by the majick that she has woven.
  • Great start to a trilogy

    By Hollys cats
    Well written and fun to read and be absorbed in. Loved it and can’t wait to continue the story in the next book.
  • Awakening.

    By romantic nerd.
    This is a good book, but you don’t realize that till you’re about 200 pages in. It’s a really slow start and can be quite irritating. But it did end up being worth the wait. I am definitely going to read the next installment. I hope you enjoy the book as well.
  • Slow to start but worth it in the end

    By Emily E.B.
    I should start with I’ve read all of Nora Roberts’ book (not including the ones penned under J.D. Robb). I think my favorite series from her is the trilogy Chronicles of the One. I had high hopes for this book (Awakening) based on my love of the trilogy previously mentioned. However, in my opinion the story was a bit slow to start. Once I got halfway through the book I couldn’t put it down. I’m glad I made myself keep reading. I ended up loving the developing characters, the story, and the background setting. Nora weaves a fascinating tale. As soon as I’m done writing this I’m buying the next book to read!
  • More Please

    By Lillynilly
    A perfect balance of the real and fantastical…I can easily see this translating well to an epic series on the order of game of thrones.
  • Fabulous book!! Can’t wait to read the rest!

    By Shell43058
    Great characters! Keeps you engaged!
  • Love it except -

    By Gma&ggmaof5
    Wonderful work! However, as a mom, a grandmother and great grandmother I must stick up for Breen’s mom! Moms make mistakes and she made them! But moms protect their children and Breen needs to understand that! Her mom loves her and I hope that gets settles in the upcoming stories. Fear for your child motivates a mom to do whatever it takes to keep a child safe! This is a great story with characters that become your friends!
  • I was worried but she definitely delivered !

    By joyfulone1
    I am so happy about Marco!!
  • Powerful

    By genzbookworm
    Honestly, this book helped instill a lot of confidence in me. Just reading as Breen goes on this journey of self discovery and loving herself fully and sticking up for herself really helped me love myself more and work on my confidence and for that i thank Nora Roberts! It’s a really good book to reread whenever I need a little pick me up.