Human Physiology - Book E - Cathy Bill, Julie Posey, Merideth Sellars, Sharon Barnewall & Randy Mogg

Human Physiology - Book E

By Cathy Bill, Julie Posey, Merideth Sellars, Sharon Barnewall & Randy Mogg

  • Release Date: 2020-04-09
  • Genre: Biology


Human physiology tells us how the body works, how we think, how we feel, why we get hungry and why sleep is so important.  But why the e-book for physiology?  Because this interactive experience can help to make physiology come alive.  Watching custom videos that truly let the reader see and understand what is happening at the cellular level with each thought and action helps us to relate.  The videos you will find here, the images that are one of a kind, the stories, and the lectures all engage the user to not only experience learning in a whole new way, but in a highly interactive, intelligent and fun way.  This unique digital tool will prepare you for your undergraduate or even graduate level courses in a way no other text could.

This is so much more than a traditional textbook.  The authors of this multi-touch book believe there is more to learning than reading a static text, making notecards, and memorizing for hours on end.  We strongly believe that “living” the material, “experiencing” the facts, “watching the text unfold” is a much more active, enjoyable and fruitful way to learn.  Each e-book in the 6-book series contains one-of-a-kind animations, where we explain the detail, with wonderful dialogue so you can see and hear physiology come to life. Push buttons, hear our stories, watch amazing videos, and realize all the while you are learning physiology.  With this new approach, you engage in the ideas presented, and prepare yourself for the best way to understand just how fascinating the human body is.

Within this digital text, you will find:

- Over 600 pages of text and multi-touch features
- Over 450 high-quality images
- 87 unique animations with self-assessments, video remediation and study guides
- 25 brief audio/video presentations
- Nearly 1,000 self-assessment questions
- An interactive glossary
- Highlighting capability
- ADA compliance

• Book A contains information on Homeostasis, Chemistry, Cellular Transport (including osmolarity and tonicity) and Neurophysiology

• Book B contains information on Sensory Receptors, Pain and Sleep

• Book C contains information on Memory, Cerebral Hemispheres, Language, Skeletal Muscle Physiology, Endocrine Physiology and Cardiovascular Physiology

• Book D contains information on Blood, Respiratory Physiology, Acid Base Balance and Thermoregulation

• Book E contains information on Renal Physiology, Fluid and Electrolyte Balance and Digestive Physiology

• Book F contains information on Reproductive Physiology