SQL - Ryan Turner


By Ryan Turner

  • Release Date: 2020-04-12
  • Genre: Programming


Have you been searching for the programming language that will provide all your needs?
Have you looked at SQL and believe that it is the answer for you?
Do you need a concise and straightforward guide that will teach you quickly and efficiently?
If you have need of a programming language that can manage relational databases and execute numerous operations from the data in them, then SQL is likely to be the ideal one for you. And with SQL you get a book that will take you from the basic principles to an in-depth understanding in less time than you might imagine.
Inside SQL: The Ultimate Expert Guide to Learn SQL Programming Step by Step, you will find that it is easier to learn this programming language than ever before, with chapters that explore:
How to access databases using ODBC and JDBC Quick and easy mapping How to combine JSON and SQL Ways to develop procedural capabilities Simplifying advanced interface methods Tuning and compiling made easy And lots moreā€¦ Even if you have no previous experience with SQL, this book will provide you with a solid platform of knowledge and comes with diagrams and visualizations to make life even easier. With it you will quickly and effortlessly be programming with SQL and building on your knowledge with every step.
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