A Cowboy's Proposal - C.J. Carmichael

A Cowboy's Proposal

By C.J. Carmichael

  • Release Date: 2020-09-08
  • Genre: Western
Score: 4.5
From 242 Ratings


From a USA TODAY bestselling author with more than three million copies in print, CJ Carmichael is a master of emotional and heartwarming romance with small town charm. 

She’s not willing to forgive. He’s unable to forget.

One year ago, Montana cowboy Dylan McLean left the love of his life at the altar and fled town, thinking he was doing the right thing by saving her from a scandal. He’s found success on the rodeo circuit, but his love for Cathleen never faded. Now he’s returned home to clear his name, claim his bride and rebuild his legacy. 

Bed-and-breakfast owner Cathleen Shannon has moved on from her broken heart. That is, until Dylan shows up at her house one night asking for help and a second chance. Despite Dylan’s betrayal, she promises to assist with his investigation. She doesn’t want an innocent man to go to jail, but her heart is most definitely off limits.  

But Cathleen has forgotten one important fact: Dylan is relentless when he’s going after something he wants. He walked away once, but she won’t let that happen again.


  • A Cowboys proposal

    By C Conti
    Soooo good! Story had so many feelings going on. A must read.
  • Great story

    I loved reading this. Great characters and a ton of excitement. Great read. Highly recommend.
  • A cowboys Promise

    By rjbor
    Wow, good read. Did read with in 24 hrs. Loved the Murder mystery and the shooting of the 2nd victim got solved and ended up with a happy ending. Loved this . Thank you.
  • A Cowboy’s Proposal

    By jane2053
    Great read
  • I read this so quickly

    By Impurest420
    The characters were all very interesting whether they are kind of nefarious or they’re the ones you’re rooting for they really draw you in. I really love the bit of mystery around the shooting and Max it has you flying the through the pages. One of the greatest aspects of this book though is Cathleen, despite being hurt badly she is one tough lady who has made it through and still finds it in herself to help the man who hurt her and isn’t so easily swayed back into his arms.
  • fun characters

    By Booklineandsinker
    I really like this author you never know where she is going to take a story and that was the same case with this book. This book was a tough book for sure it dealt with domestic violence which is something it seems most people don’t want to talk about it and this author held nothing back. This book was so good. I will be honest I wanted to smack Dylan in the head so many times through out this book. He was so cocky, but in the next breathe I wanted to give him a hug because the stuff he dealt with. Oh my did I like Cathleen and Poppy, they were hands down my favorite. Cathleen was a fighter and a strong girl who was ready to fight for what she wanted. Poppy man I want to know more of her story and she was a sweet women who was ready be a mama to Cathleen and anyone who came into the B and B. Over all this book was such a fun read and I can’t wait to read more from these sisters. I am so ready to hear what happens with Maureen. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
  • Learning to Trust

    By LoupieLoo
    Learning to Trust Cathleen and Dylan have baggage. Loads of baggage. So many issues that they cannot see the forest for the trees. Of course it is partly (maybe mostly) Dylan’s fault. Leaving Cathleen on they’re wedding day not smart. When he returns, he fully realizes what his mistake cost. He’s also dealing with family drama and an antagonistic relationship with his stepfather. Overall, an interesting tale of rural life and the community. The suspense and mystery is palpable but was frustrated with how long it took to come to the end. Speaking of ending, I though Cathleen’s reaction to Dylan strange. Just didn’t get how come there was such a reversal of emotions and feelings. I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher and am voluntarily leaving my review.
  • A Cowboy’s Proposal

    By Doodlebugscmi
    3.5 Stars Ok, so this book was a little disappointing. I have read and enjoyed many books by this author in the past but A Cowboy's Proposal did not resonate with me for a number of reasons. I'm sorry to say the ending did not leave me satisfied as it was rushed and I felt an even greater loss of connection. I'll be honest by saying I was dumbfounded after the last page. I want to tell you what I did like because this book wasn't a total loss for me. Dylan and Cathleen were likable characters. They both were strong-willed. Secondary characters, like Poppy was a good fit and helped with the awkward moments between the H/h whose lack of communication was disappointing. My favorite aspect of this whole book was the suspense which was the main focus of the story. To be honest, there was very little romance between the H/h. Also the book begins with Dylan showing up after disappearing twelve months prior, leaving Catherine on their wedding day. I truly believe this book would have greatly benefitted from a prologue. I felt like I was missing important pieces to the story and even wondered if there was a prior book that ended on a cliffhanger. In addition, the fact that Dylan comes back and assumes he and Cathleen could pick up where they left off, prior to his desertion, was not realistic. There was no groveling which is what I would expect and Cathleen was too calm when seeing him again for the first time. I will say, I was very happy she kept him at a distance and did not give him hope they could be a couple again. When the main focus in the book should have been Dylan trying to win Cathleen's heart once again; it was not. There is a mystery going on. I don't want to give anything away regarding that because the suspense element was what kept me turning the pages and kept me engaged. I will say that Dylan is treated very unfairly. The thing that made me frustrated was that when the truth is finally revealed, not one person apologized. And there were many moments where kindness was absent while Dylan is searching for answers. Also, we never got to really be involved when the truth comes out. The mystery was solved so easily and that left me disappointed. I know you may think this review is confusing but I can only say so much without giving away the ending. I believe that if there was more focus on Dylan and Cathleen's relationship, I would have probably rated higher. To sum this up, while I was disappointed in several aspects of this book, the suspense/mystery was written well and I found myself more interested in that situation than the romance. This is the first book in a series of three sisters. I do want to see how those stories will go so I will be reading them regardless of my issues with this particular book. This is my honest and unbiased review and I thank you for taking the time to read it. :)