The Bulldog Handbook - Linda Whitwam

The Bulldog Handbook

By Linda Whitwam

  • Release Date: 2020-07-15
  • Genre: Pets


NEW 2020 edition of the No.1 Bestselling Bulldog book!

More training tips and up-to-date info on everything Bulldog.

Remarkable book, very informative and comprehensive. Even seasoned bulldoggers could stand to learn a few things from this book,” W.J. SHOPLAND, EXTREMEBULLS, MIDDLESEX, UK

"This is a fabulous book filled with very helpful information and top tips on keeping your bulldogs happy and healthy. Well written and clear," T. FARNAN, TRACHAZ BULLDOGS, UK

Part of THE CANINE HANDBOOKS, Amazon’s leading dog breed series, the Bulldog Handbook is packed full of step-by-step info & over 100 beautiful colour photos, it’s the only reference book you’ll ever need.

Bulldogs are brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs that need a little extra care from their humans. This book arms you with all you need to successfully raise and train one of these unique dogs with the huge heart.

Puppies – Learn:

•Preparing Your Home
•Typical Bulldog Behaviour
•Getting Through the First Few Days & Nights
•Where Should Puppy Sleep?
•Understanding Your Puppy & Building a Bond
•Exercising Puppies - How Much & How Often
•Crate Training & Housetraining
•Obedience Training, incl. Sit, Stay, Recall, Lead & Clicker Training
•Dealing with Puppy Biting & Chewing
•Feeding, including Raw Diet
•Exercise -How Often & How Much?

Breeders give advice on looking after your puppy right through to old age – & the pitfalls to avoid.

For anyone who hasn’t chosen their puppy yet, there's:

•Where NOT to Buy a Bulldog
•How to Spot Puppy Farmers & Importers
•Finding a Good Breeder & Asking The Right Questions
•How to Pick a Healthy Puppy or Adult Dog
•How to Pick a Pup with a Good Temperament
•Male or Female?
•Puppy Contracts
•Bulldog-Proofing Your Home
•Rescue Bulldogs

BULLDOG HEALTH is covered at length. There are tips on Keeping Your Bulldog Healthy, & Preventing Overheating, Protecting Eyes, Wrinkle Cleaning, Insurance, Bulldog Facts of Life, Spaying, Neutering, Vaccinations, Worming & De-Fleaing.


"The only bulldog book you'll ever need! This book is very informative. I will be picking up my bulldog puppy Gimli in a couple of weeks and this book truly prepared me for the day. Everything I need to know is all in this book…Money well spent!” E. FRY, USA

"As a new bulldog puppy parent I am trying to get the best and most important information. This book does a great job of covering all the basics and then really dives deep into the potential health issues. Great insights and such a valuable resource," ROB KIRK, USA

"Love this book!! Some really good information shared," GILLIAN CRADDOCK, UK

“A perfect gift for a new bulldog owner. It covers everything from what to feed, how to exercise, and warning signs of breed specific conditions or illnesses. It's a very thorough reference on bulldogs,” SUE C, USA

“Great read! This is the most complete guide I have seen on any breed,” VIACHESLAV, USA