To Serve - Lexy Timms

To Serve

By Lexy Timms

  • Release Date: 2020-08-15
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 227 Ratings


The only really happy people are those who have learned to serve.

Alistair Godstone has one goal in life.

To break his family's tradition of being trapped into a life of servitude. With one more temporary job to finish up a family obligation, he will achieve his dream. He just has to keep up the act and wear his mask of the cold, but attentive, butler long enough to pay his family's medical bills.

When he arrives at his new post, his entire focus and purpose change. At this mansion lives the grown woman he loved as a child. Only she's a heiress—and untouchable.

She also doesn't recognize him.

Evelyn Smythe, heiress to the House of Smythe, has a secret. She longs to be free from her life of wealth and misery. She plans to escape the trap she's been caught in when she learns of the arranged marriage for her—an heir to a dukedom. A deed of royalty.

Terrified of the life she's about to be forced into, she finds a knight in her corner. The new butler. He's handsome and so much more.

Can they both keep up the façade of heiress and butler until she can make her escape?

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To Serve

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  • To Serve

    By sbsbrinson
    The book itself was ok but it sometimes seemed a bit too bizarre. Definitely didn’t like the ending.
  • Back and forth

    By adpantano
    The romance switches back and forth throughout the book. Will she or won’t she? Finally a sort of decision is made.
  • Not a stand alone

    By Terri_999
    Did not look close enough to realize this wasn’t a stand alone novel. With few exceptions I generally don’t choose these to read. I’m just not interested enough to pay $11 for the entire story.