The Brush of Love Series Box Set Books #1-3 - Lexy Timms

The Brush of Love Series Box Set Books #1-3

By Lexy Timms

  • Release Date: 2020-07-21
  • Genre: Short Stories
Score: 4.5
From 311 Ratings


USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, delivers a beautiful tale about a young man who finds love in the least expected place.

Book 1 - Bryan McBride is a disappointment to his parents. Doesn't matter he's a successful architect and that in his spare time he builds homes for the homeless. His tattoos disrespect his family name, his business partner is too blue collar, too surfer, and Bryan's brother—who the family never talks about—died from a drug overdose.

Bryan's passion for art is rekindled when Hailey Ryan comes into town to open a gallery. Without funds to pay for the construction of the gallery, Bryan offers to work in exchange for some of her artwork.

He's caught off guard by the strong attraction he has to her. It's the perfect distraction from the issues in his life he wants to avoid. Except secrets have a way of revealing themselves.

As they begin a passionate love affair, a secret Hailey is keeping threatens to ruin their relationship and possibly their lives.

Book 2 - Bryan McBride is lost in darkness. He can't believe his girlfriend Hailey lied and manipulated him. His family is barely together, the death of his brother nearly destroying them. What hurts, Hailey knew about John and never told him. Now trying to find solace in the bottle, Bryan questions everything he ever felt for the woman.

The world doesn't stop for the pain of one man. He still has a business to run, and his business partner is interested in changing careers. He still has to deal with his parents, who refuse to acknowledge how his brother died.

Bryan wants to forget about Hailey but every time he thinks about her, his heart and his body cry out for her touch. She has awakened a passion he thought was dead.

As he struggles to move on, the past threatens to swallow them both. Bryan and Hailey will have to battle against the raging anger threatening to destroy them.

Book 3 - Bryan McBride thinks he has it all. His brother's reputation has been cleared, and he's rekindled his passionate relationship with painter Hailey. His only real struggle is deciding the best way to continuing honoring his brother's sacrifice by helping the homeless.

A deadly brain tumor threatens Hailey's life, but she's afraid the truth will destroy Bryan. Despite her pain, she doesn't want to bring him months of emotional turmoil by having him worry about her. She thinks it'll be best if he doesn't know until the last moment. But it's hard to conceal from your own lover that you're dying.

Now caught in a race against her own traitorous body, Hailey struggles to create a positive legacy for her beloved, even if it means she has to hurt and push him away.

Fans of Nicholas Sparks will love this sweet-with-heat love story EVERY TIME.

Brush of Love Series:

Every Night

Every Day

Every Time

Every Way

Every Touch


  • Reignited my passion for reading

    By The Mama Duck
    Amazing! Had gotten away from reading and made a goal to start reading for 15 minutes every night before bed. I found this author and book series randomly on the Apple Books app to get my journey started. Well 15 minutes wasn’t enough. I was hooked immediately and couldn’t put it down. I plowed through the first 3 books of the series in 3 days. I became so attached to the character the third book had me crying.
  • Skip to book 2

    By Pop crime
    Ok I hated book 1. It dragged on an on about stupid hair color which turned my options off Hailey off. All I could picture the whole time was the middle age ladies that go to church with colored hair that’s burned and nasty. I only kept reading because I didn’t have net to down load another book. The author turned writing around by the 2nd book. There was a real story line and they stopped using a full paragraph or more to describe stuff. Skip to book 2 and save yourself a headache,
  • The Brush of Love Series Books 1-3

    By Spideweb4
    Lexi Timms Great series, one of the best stories i have read in awhile. From beginning to end it has something for everyone to build upon. Life flows through this series the ups and downs with love throughout. Read Byron and Hailey’s story it will truly move you.
  • Every way

    By Jan 23322
    Loved this book, it plucked at my heart and I just couldn’t put the book down until I read all of it.