The Dachshund Handbook - Linda Whitwam

The Dachshund Handbook

By Linda Whitwam

  • Release Date: 2021-01-14
  • Genre: Pets


NEW! A-Z on caring for & training your Dachshund from the experts - with over 100 full colour photos.
There’s no other dog quite like the Dachshund. They are clever, brave, curious, incredibly loyal, affectionate, lively, full of their own importance - & lots of FUN!
They can also be slow to housetrain and (if not properly socialised & trained) somewhat stubborn, noisy, & suspicious of strangers!
This Apple book, part of the Canine Handbooks, Amazon’s No.1 Dog Breed Series, guides you step-by-step through the best methods for raising & training Miniature & Standard Dachshunds from Day 1 to old age.
Where Should Puppy Sleep? What’s The Best Way of Crate Training a Dachshund Puppy? How Do I Socialise My Puppy? Which Training Methods Will My Dachshund Respond To? How Do I Stop Too Much Barking? How Do I Prevent Nipping & Jumping Up? How Long Can I Leave My Puppy For? How Much Exercise Do Puppies Need? Can I Stop My Dachshund Digging? How Often Should I Groom? How To Avoid Back Problems? What Makes My Dachshund Tick? These & dozens of other questions are answered at length by canine author Linda Whitwam & 14 leading breeders with Miniature, Standard, Smooth, Wire & Long-Haired Dachshunds. 
If you haven’t got your puppy yet, there’s 20 pages on how to spot good & bad breeders & then how to choose a healthy pup with a good temperament.
Three breeders share their experiences of canine activities you & your Dachshund can take part in. And dog trainer Lisa Cole’s chapter explains how to take control & teach your Dachshund The Recall and other commands using the latest positive training techniques.
There are also extensive chapters on: Housetraining, Health, Feeding, Behaviour, Training, Exercise, Socialisation, Grooming, The Facts of Life, Dachshund Rescue & Caring for a Senior Dachshund.
NOTE: This Apple book is recommended by The Dachshund Breed Council Health Committee.
A happy, well-trained Dachshund is a wonderful addition to any household; these books help you achieve that.