Infant Communication Baby Sign Language - Roya Caviglia

Infant Communication Baby Sign Language

By Roya Caviglia

  • Release Date: 2021-02-01
  • Genre: Parenting
Score: 3.5
From 6 Ratings


Did you know your baby can communicate clearly with you before they can speak?
By learning a few simple signs and then teaching them to your baby, you will avoid much of the crying, frustration and guesswork that happens when you don't understand what they need.
Baby sign language is a simple, yet powerful tool that will help you kick-start communication with your infant. Your baby will be able to tell you when they want milk, when they are hungry, or when they are tired. And much more!
Infant Communication Baby Sign Language contains information that can benefit all babies and their families. It's great for parents of newborns, or toddlers. It's wonderful for babies who can hear well, or those who have hearing problems. Or infants who are already saying a few words, or those who have a speech delay.
What will you get out of it?
•You will discover the benefits of signing with your baby.
•You will learn the 5 most useful signs and how to introduce them to your child.
•You will find out what to do if signing doesn't seem to be working.
•You will have access to support from a community of families who are putting this method to work right now.
I have prepared this book especially for tired, busy parents. It is arranged to allow you to jump straight to the point that interests you the most. It contains only what you really need in order to get started and succeed in signing with your baby.
I hope your family will have a lot of fun learning how to sign together!

Disclaimer: Please note that this book is about learning how to communicate more effectively with your baby within your family. The information presented in this book is not intended to be used to communicate with the deaf community. If you wish to learn about an official sign language like American Sign Language or British Sign Language please research other resources.