I Alone Can Fix It - Carol Leonnig & Philip Rucker

I Alone Can Fix It

By Carol Leonnig & Philip Rucker

  • Release Date: 2021-07-20
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4
From 590 Ratings


An instant #1 New York Times bestseller.

The definitive behind-the-scenes story of Trump's final year in office, by Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig, the Pulitzer-Prize winning reporters and authors of A Very Stable Genius.

“Chilling.” – Anderson Cooper
“Jaw-dropping.” – John Berman
“Shocking.” – John Heilemann
“Explosive.” – Hallie Jackson
“Blockbuster new reporting.” – Nicolle Wallace 
“Bracing new revelations.” – Brian Williams
“Bombshell reporting.” – David Muir

The true story of what took place in Donald Trump’s White House during a disastrous 2020 has never before been told in full. What was really going on around the president, as the government failed to contain the coronavirus and over half a million Americans perished? Who was influencing Trump after he refused to concede an election he had clearly lost and spread lies about election fraud? To answer these questions, Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig reveal a dysfunctional and bumbling presidency’s inner workings in unprecedented, stunning detail.
Focused on Trump and the key players around him—the doctors, generals, senior advisers, and Trump family members— Rucker and Leonnig provide a forensic account of the most devastating year in a presidency like no other. Their sources were in the room as time and time again Trump put his personal gain ahead of the good of the country. These witnesses to history tell the story of him longing to deploy the military to the streets of American cities to crush the protest movement in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, all to bolster his image of strength ahead of the election. These sources saw firsthand his refusal to take the threat of the coronavirus seriously—even to the point of allowing himself and those around him to be infected. This is a story of a nation sabotaged—economically, medically, and politically—by its own leader, culminating with a groundbreaking, minute-by-minute account of  exactly what went on in the Capitol building on January 6, as Trump’s supporters so easily breached the most sacred halls of American democracy, and how the president reacted. With unparalleled access, Rucker and Leonnig explain and expose exactly who enabled—and who foiled—Trump as he sought desperately to cling to power.
A classic and heart-racing work of investigative reporting, this book is destined to be read and studied by citizens and historians alike for decades to come.


  • I Alone Can Fix It

    By vRoc33
    What a chilling and tragic look back at the last year of this administration. Very well documented and written. Buckle up and get ready. Great book..
  • I alone can fix this

    By crackkitty
    A disturbing look at a President who couldn’t accept a reality that was at odds with his ego. I was very impressed with the behind the scenes efforts of Military leaders, Government officials and some White House aides to honor the Constitution.
  • Just finished… AWESOME!

    By robmattson
    We listened to this book during our road trip across America, and it did not disappoint. Every single page is comprised of the most thorough sourcing of insiders I’ve ever seen (heard). Every single page comes from those closest to 45, the ones he endorsed and endorses. Every single page comes from those in the highest levels of our government, and even Trump himself. Every single page… Filled with endless, objective and unimpeachable truths about the person we elected to lead our nation, not destroy it. This book is not just modern non-fiction. It’s history in the context of us.
  • Insight can be painful and freeing

    By auntie beans
    It gave me more insight into the last four years in the US, in a tangential but connected way to “Too Much And Never Enough.” Didn’t make me the least bit sympathetic to either Trump or Cohen, but it made me understand why things were the way they were, how Trump utterly ruins almost everything he touches. I’ll notice more — as I think we all will — if another tries to take his place.
  • Lies

    By T_ray27
    This book has many factual inaccuracies, people like this is why we are so divided today. It's just a matter of time before misinforming a nation catches up with you. More people than I ever imagined is waking up to the fact that we have been lied to for years and they are mad, rightfully so.
  • The truth set us free

    By Calbertop
    No horror movie can match the telling of the last year of President Chaos. The most powerful country on earth was in the hands of a wannabe dictator and the whole endeavor could have ended in tragedy. Thanks to these authors, we have a clear understanding of how close we were to the abyss and how a few principled officials kept us all safe in the end.
  • Disturbing

    By DNap85
    A fascinating read! Couldn’t put it down. I wish it was 700 pages longer.
  • Huh?

    By Matthewg28
    I’d like to see the cition for the title of this book. I have never heard him say that. Nor has his actions ever portrayed that kind of thinking. He ALWAYS spoke of the American people helping him with his America First agenda. So if the title is a lie, I can only guess what the meat of this book is all about.
  • Superb!

    By HBBJA1
    I enjoyed reading this account of Donald Trump’s time n office. This factual description of what really occurred between 2016 and 2020 frightened me greatly. I am truly concerned for the future of democracy in the United States because of what this disturbed individual has unleashed in the country that I love.
  • Pig

    By SweetMatthew
    I hate him but must read