Losers: Part I - Harley Laroux

Losers: Part I

By Harley Laroux

  • Release Date: 2022-09-30
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 282 Ratings


I was supposed to have it all.

I'd been Prom Queen, Cheer Captain - high school's most savage Queen Bee. I could have everything I wanted.
Except them. The freaks, the weirdos, the school's ultimate losers: Manson, Jason, Lucas, and Vincent. Our hatred for each other couldn't keep us apart, not even when my own mistake got Manson expelled and made me the ultimate villain to the rest of them.

One night was supposed to be enough.

I couldn't resist forever. For one night I gave myself over to the men I wasn't supposed to want and satisfied the darkest parts of my soul. But some things are meant to stay in the dark. One night, and it was over.

Nothing more than a game.

Now, with college behind me, our worlds collide yet again. Four men, all willing to share me as their plaything until my debt to them is paid. Another game to satiate my dark cravings, the twisted rules of which bring us all even closer than before. But games aren't meant to last.

When the debt is paid and the game is done, what if I don't want to walk away?

Although not required, it is recommended to read the novella, The Dare, prior to reading Losers.

This book is part 1 of a duet. It is First Person, Multi POV.

This is an 18+ polyamorous bisexual romance between one woman and four men, including MF, MM, and group scenes. Reader discretion is strongly advised, this is a dark read. This book contains graphic sexual scenes, intense scenes of BDSM, graphic violence, and strong language. A full content note can be found in the front matter of the book.



  • my favorite erotica

    By Jadesus
    need a film adaptation asap!!
  • Amazing follow up to the Dare!

    By Shrokstar
    I really loved this book. If you enjoyed the novella, The Dare, then you will enjoy this follow up to it. It retains the same vibes and level of spice of it but Losers dives deeper into the characters. Normally when reading a book where characters have multiple love interests I have trouble liking them all or at least not playing favorites. I assumed going into this that Manson would be my favorite but after reading this, I really loved everyone of them each in their own way. Even though all of the boys have a lot of similarities due to interests, they are very unique from each other and have their own struggles, something that can get lost with this many characters. Jessica was also amazing. I just adore them all. I can’t lie, I’m bitter they are all fake because I would happily be with them all. I really like the little moments in this book. Losers is very heavily smut oriented but there were just quite a few sweet parts, domestic moments, and just adorable interactions between the characters that it balanced it all out. I enjoyed how much they loved each other. The polyamorous aspect of this seemed well done. They guys weren’t together for the sake of the smut but because it made sense for the story and their characters. I appreciated that aspect a lot and it was good bisexual representation. Another part I enjoyed was the character development. Even though Jessica can be terrible, I got where she was coming from with her logic and so it made it easier to love her even before she became better. I am curious to see where she goes in the second half. I definitely need a little more depth from everyone but it’s hard to fairly judge that without part 2 but it is heading in a direction that will allow for more complexity of the characters. There is a lot of potential for a lot more in part 2 that I can’t wait to see. They all have their own struggles and mental blocks they need to get past. I like that they aren’t expecting anyone in this relationship to be perfect. They are all messy and need to work on things but are learning that they can lean on each other when needed in a very healthy way. Overall, I’d recommend this one for anyone who enjoys very spicy books. It does not hold back and the content warnings on the first page should tell you what you are in for (hint: it’s a wild ride). But I enjoyed the balance of it with interesting characters. It is more character driven than plot driven but that works for me. I think the characters will continue to stick with me for a long time. I hate that I’m a fast reader because my brain is having a hard time leaving this word and I need more. I’m so thankful it isn’t a long wait for Losers part 2 because I need more Jessica, Manson, Lucas, Vincent and Jason in my life.
  • Warm, Fuzzy, Sexy, Daring

    By Exoskell
    I am in awe of her writing style, the way she details everything, the emotion she captures with every single character. I feel so close to them all and I just feel so many things I can’t even put into words. This series is AMAZING and I can’t wait for more. It feels so right while I’m reading this book. Like I’m not just trying to get through it, and I’m not feeling put off by any aspect. It’s so real and unconforming (not a word but you get it). I already loved her work and now this tops it all for me. Can’t wait to read more- TAKE ALL MY MONEY!! 🤣❤️‍🔥
  • Mind blowing

    By steflareina
    This book blew my mind. I read the Dare and it was a short book but full of so much I couldn’t wait to learn more about the guys. Manson, Lucas, Jason and Vincent. This book blew everything out of the water my emotions are all over the place still. Back stories came out of the guys and some broke my heart one made me happy. Each story had my feelings all over the place. Jess own back story was something not everything we perceive is as it seems. I can’t wait for part 2 because I know what I want to happen and I hope it does. Bravo to this amazing author who created a world and characters that are so human but it also makes you think more about how we treat people and where people come from and what is lurking behind your neighbors door too. The steamy scenes are hot hot hot!!!
  • Fascinating and exciting read!

    By mmunholland
    Hands down one of my most anticipated reads for 2022 and let’s just say Harley Laroux didn’t disappoint!!! This book was everything I hoped it would be I love this group of losers I’m obsessed with them their story is sexy exciting and so freaking hot but it’s so much more we get insight into each character and what their feeling and thinking my heart aches for these broken boys and Jess well it takes a special woman to handle these bad broken boys and I think she’s absolutely perfect for them I absolutely loved her character and even her character growth from the Dare was amazing to see and witness I will be anxiously waiting for part 2 and I can’t recommend this book enough! Check your trigger warnings because this book won’t be for everyone but I personally loved it!
  • Emotional and Exhilarating…Best Read of 2022

    By Jackie-OnBrand
    I am here to say this book is my top 2022 read. Harley Laroux was able to capture the essence of The Dare that we all loved and spin this story into even further depths. The intense insight we are given into each character with an extreme focus on each of our clown boys really changes everything you assumed about them. My dark heart, beautiful, broken boys. There's not one I could possibly choose over the other, but I can tell you who I identify the most with. Lucas Bent. If you go into this story just looking for smut and kink, you're missing the bigger picture. There are all those things but the pain and longing felt is visceral. I'm excited to see where Losers Part 2 takes us.