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  • Nope

    By Nike Athlete
    Not a good book. I was not entertained with this story. The “bad guy” swoops in twice and gets what he needs. WHO DOES THAT?!? How is that allowed with Harvard. Here in this horrible book we allow it. Oh well.
  • Fantastic Brad Thor book, as usual. Love thrillers??? This will keep you hooked all the way.

    By Nashgoldwing
    Very exciting & entertaining. Noshir.
  • Best Harvath novel yet!

    By Gdeb00000
    I’ve enjoyed all of Brad Thor’s books that I have read thus far, but this was the best one yet. Super exciting and historically compelling at the same time. Highly recommended.
  • Trasd

    By Jäger42789532
    Slow crappy plot
  • It was okay

    By SciTeach3
    I love the political slant of these novels but must admit this one was a little too heavy handed. But beyond that therevwas no real solid plot or high tension interaction with the main vilian. Guess no series can be at the top of the game every book.
  • Good, could be better

    By ANProctor
    Not bad. I did enjoy the action sequences and someone that was nearly the equal to Harvath. I don’t like when Thor just leaves the ending completely open and tries to backtrack to explain what happened. Makes it feel cheap and thrown together. The ending was completely cut off randomly. I could tell there was a timeline that Thor had to meet here and that’s why it ended so abruptly. Liked the story, and the suspense with where the device was, but it ended terribly and too quickly. Let’s hope that doesn’t carry into the next one.
  • Y

    By Drop 19282883
  • Good read

    By discomom-mom
    The book was good from cover to cover. I was intrigued by the plot and was drawn in early. I read it quickly because it was hard to put down. I enjoy the historical references .
  • Best one yet!

    By TG RabidBeaver
    In this particular novel Brad Thor tackles one of the most debated topics of our day - radical Islam. There are so many twists and turns, and some geo-political foozled, it is hard to put this book down. This book is to Islam, as Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code was to Catholicism. Mix that with the usual flair of a Scot Harvath novel, and you've got one of the best novels of the last decade. Highly recommend you read this book!
  • If only it were true.

    By Scott Stetson
    Again another page turner. Awesome book!