Titanic - The Most Complete Story Ever Told - Anniversary Edition - Matthew Vollbrecht

Titanic - The Most Complete Story Ever Told - Anniversary Edition

By Matthew Vollbrecht

  • Release Date: 2012-02-20
  • Genre: History
Score: 4
From 515 Ratings


Please note: this book contains special features. If the Apple Books app crashes and returns you to the Home Screen when you first attempt to open the book, please simply launch the Books app again, then open the book again. It should now load properly. More than 100 years have gone by since the Titanic sank. We've all heard the story of Titanic, but many recent books on the subject tend to miss out on the emotional connection - choosing instead to present a more professorial take on the subject. The result is often a book that is meaningful only to the student or historian with an intense interest in nothing but the facts. With this book, a casual, informal style is used. This allows for the facts to still be presented - even a few little-known facts, but it also gives even young readers a chance to feel intimately connected to a subject that has captured our hearts and minds for decades. This book gives an accurate and up-to-date account of every aspect of the Titanic saga, from its inception and construction to its more recent discovery and its impact on society and culture. What did Titanic's passengers eat? Why were third class passengers kept below until it was too late? Did people really believe Titanic was unsinkable? These questions and many more are explored in great detail. The author also examines what has changed since Titanic was built and speaks to the question of whether a similar disaster could happen again. Complete with a gallery of Titanic photos, relevant web links, passenger stories, and much more, this book is sure to transport the reader back in time to experience the feelings and emotions of one of the world’s most infamous disasters.


  • Miss Meredith Leigh Lempke

    TITANIC: The topic ALWAYS gripping, indeed. This iBook, my very first foray, reads SMOOTHLY because it is written VERY WELL. I am moving onto A Night To Remember and then FUTILITY..... WowWee, talk about premonition.
  • Titanic

    By tamjo1001
    I really enjoyed !
  • What is up with April 18th

    By Angitap
    Yet another horrible event that occurred on my birthdate 4/18. Thanks for sharing your passion; I'm ready to enjoy the movie.
  • Titanic historical

    By 2lvbyquilts
    I learned more about this great ship than any documentary film viewed. You could follow through on former policies versus today's policies and reasonings. It guides the reader truly through the lives of the crew and people.
  • The most complete story ever told? Please.

    By bnmays
    Like the author, I have been fascinated by the Titanic since childhood. I'm always looking for some new book or documentary or artifact to stoke those fires. I was excited to come across this book, and I hoped it would contain information I hadn't yet known. While it is written in the style and tone intended - that of a story - I was disappointed by the haphazard thoughts and poorly written explanations. Several times the book droned on unnecessarily in awkward repetition. If you're truly a Titanic aficionado, I recommend that you save your time and move on to another, more informative text.
  • Metal or Medal?

    By Olivershamm
    Greetings, The book is spectacular! I've learned more about RMS Titanic in this book than I've known in 20 years. Just a question; on page 89 where the book speaks of Frank Millet receiving a " metal" from Belgium, I was wondering if the author meant "medal" which is certainly a small mistake in such a masterful work and may not be the author's fault at all. Anyway, a great book which I have recommended to many and a masterful telling of history's greatest and most well-known maritime disaster. Thank you for a great read and education! Andrew Oliver Royal Academy of Art in Belgium
  • Good Information

    By Just a Gaming Fool
    It was difficult to put this book down in order to go to sleep! For those who are not completely familiar with the Titanic disaster, this book serves as a thorough explanation of the events leading up to the demise of this great ship. I would have given this book 5 stars, but the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors were especially annoying. Did anyone proofread this book before it was printed? 8(
  • Awesome

    By Rodion Mark
    One of the best and most up to date and resourceful books about Titanic I read thus far. Enjoyed reading it and it took me a week and a half to finish it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read about Titanic and the story behind it.
  • Titanic the.......

    By Pos dog
    This is a good book y'all
  • Wow lots of facts

    By Herlinda figueroa
    Nice I wish to rate this 9000 stars