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  • Great little book!

    By MouseAnnie
    I really like this book. The different "fonts" are great and very handy, but what I liked the most was that the scenes, borders, and separate images were included on the charts with the letters. Even if you don't stitch projects that use letters often (I know I don't), this book is worth it for the extra images. It is a great book even just for sparking inspiration when you're bit blocked. As for the adverts others mentioned, I did see adverts every few pages, but nearly all of them were simply advertising some kind of self-help and/or parenting books. But on the last few pages there were ads for some, shall we say, relationship help books that had some images on their covers I would not want my young child stumbling across. If it had only been the self-help book adverts, I'd have given it 5 stars. Though, if the books with fairly explicit covers had been on the adverts between the patterns, I'd have probably given this a 3 or a 2. I definitely do not want to even have a chance of me working on a project, my newly-reading son look over my shoulder and try to read some of the titles on those ads.
  • Obscene advertisements!!!

    By Inaya Shujaat
    The advertisements for other books are awful, with the last two pages dedicated to ads for sexually explicit books!!!!! I deleted it just because of them!!!
  • Insanely disgusting ads

    By Ruby0511
    Yes the charts were lovely but what is up with the x rated advertising throughout!!?