Super Smashmouth Baseball - D. F. Pierce

Super Smashmouth Baseball

By D. F. Pierce

  • Release Date: 2013-03-26
  • Genre: Baseball
Score: 3.5
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Once in a life time somthing comes along most of the time we miss it.
Not this one Dave heard somthing, it made somthing else click. Dave a youth baseball Coach off and on for over forty years. It was to simple but maybe it was logical. Simple, logical, unigue,and its works for all ages. Fast and simple. Dave has now tought many baseball players that could not hit to hit. In many cases there team mates could not believe what a turnaround they had made. From the weakest to one of the best in just a few minutes. Most thought that these kids spent weeks with Dave to learn the new found talent of the bat. All said no way way when they found out that it only took minutes to fix the baseball players. One Child went from haveing to take one for the team to get on base. Too a astounding batting average of 926 for his jounior league season he is now 14 and getting ready to start highschool ball.
Super Smsahmouth Baseball drill for hitting is simple,easy leassons for any coach to introduce into ant routeen. Dave has also hase included a catching technique. That will increase hand Eye devalopement that is also simple, However the results take about a week to show up in some two weeks. Both the hitting & catching drills are perhaps more fun than any that are being used anywhere. I say buy the other hitting and catching drills for youth, When you get OK results, But would of rather of had unique results, Then By mine the coast to emplement Super Smashmout Baseball is less than $10.00in the United States. We named our teachings Super Smashmouth Baseball. Because not one person will be able to talk or say anything negitive about our teachings I garantee it Dave.
Testimonial: I am Eric Kovich Manager of many levels of youth baseball for 17 years. I was skeptical about Daves metheds, Not any longer I will never teach another baseball player without Dave's techniques. Eric look forward to seeing you this spring. Best regards Dave.
Testimonial: Hi I am Joyce mother of Dillon a major youth Player. Dillon was hit by a hardball baseball four years ago. Dillon had not hit a ball while at bat for four seasons. I heard about Dave from a friend. After talking to Dave on the phone Dave agreed to come to Arizonia. It cost me alot of money. Dave arrived Dilon had a game that afternoon. Dave tought Dillon out in our backyard. I heard Dillon say OK OK I got it. I swear not even five minutes had passed. Dillon came in the house with a smile I only get to see when he is excited and exstreamly happy. Dave entered I asked Dave That is it. Dave said yes hes got it. Your kidding I said. Nope he has got it Joyce. Then i asked will he get a hit today. Dave said we will see, we will see. Dave Dillon, My husband Mike and I went to Dillons Game that afternoon 3PM. Dave watched from up on a slope. Mike and I set in the bleachers. Dillon Was the seventh batter. First pitch Dillon hit it past short stopand secound base for a single. He jumped up and down on his way to first poiting to dave. Mike and I where so happy. Little did we know Dillon would go 4 for 4 two singles, one double, and just missed a home run, he ende up with a tripple and 4 runs batted in. Mike and I both heard Dillons team mates ask how did you get fixed. Dillon told them this old guy Dave did it then pointed to Dave. I looked at Dave he was smilling. After the Game all the kids swormed Dave. We paid Dave his money. Dillon did not strike out that season and was walked a lot. Also where can our friend buy you games. our kids a have a great time with them. Wow Joyse,Thanks I pakage my games and sell them.
Best regards Dave


  • Super smash mouth baseball

    By Booooooooo201030405060708090
    Okay first of all how are you supposed to teach a youth how to hit if they don't even know the proper hitting form. The drills will not work if they don't know the proper form. I am actually questioning if you know the proper form. Please do not write or publish a book if you don't know what your talking about
  • Excellent story! This would of helped me as a kid

    By Dggolf
    Stories are valuable for teaching kids how to do anything physical and how to learn various concepts. The value of a story is that it can demonstrate the use of a concept