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  • Couldn’t finish

    By ksimms26
    No character development. Im honestly shocked it has such great ratings. There was literally zero emotional development between the main characters but then poof, he instantly wants to uproot his whole life for this girl after less than 24 hours? It was bizarre. I skipped around a bit through chapters and it never got better.
  • Dangerous and Sexy

    By Mmglady
    Trace is an Alpha through and through. He finds himself in a jam when Ana comes to release him. These two both running to be free from her father, find that they have a strong connection. They both find out who they are during this journey.
  • Great Read

    By Deelmq
    Trace and Ana are a great couple with amazing chemistry. The whole family is back. Trace and Ana have a rough start but what a ride there love story is.
  • Great book in a great series.

    By Fa qu
    This continuation of the Heatwave series. Great series, great book. Trace and Ana find each other through odd circumstances. After a quickie marriage, they’re learning about the other, and trying to stay one step ahead of her family. In the middle of all of that, there’s Sunday supper at Grandmas. 😂😍 I love this family.
  • Loved Trace and Ana!

    By Jenna1129
    Torch - Men of Inked, Heatwave #11 Trace Caldo has been one I have been waiting on in the second-generation books! I couldn't wait to read about Izzy and James' son after his interactions in previous books. I knew to expect the unexpected with him and his story did not disappoint! It had worried for him and then laughed from the first few chapters. A Marriage of Convenience like no other I have read and this was a fun spin on this trope. Trace and Ana going from strangers to more was a fun adventure as I never knew what to expect. Trace was full of the Gallo men charm and alpha personality but getting another glimpse of Izzy and James as parents made my heart happy. The Gallo family is like no other and every book is like meeting up with old friends where I can't help but smile and thoroughly enjoy all the family. This book can totally be read as a standalone but like with any interconnected series you will gain so much enjoyment from knowing the previous characters stories and family ties.
  • Torch is a wonderful, dramatic romance

    By threers
    Torch is the perfect title for Trace and Ana's story. I will be carrying a torch for the couple for quite some time after reading their unique story. I am in awe of Ana, a woman who has been mentally abused for years. She has found her voice, and all need to listen. My respect for Trace has increased ten fold as he defends his woman against the worst of the worst. There has never been a Gallo story that I haven't loved, but Torch was on a whole different level. Trace is the carefree guy, always out for a good time, until it almost kills him. Things were a little iffy for awhile. I definitely bit through a couple of nails. It could have been a really short book if it wasn't for Ana. Thank goodness that the author gave us a wonderful, determined heroine in Ana. She needs an escape from her life, her father. She has come up with a solution. It might just work if Trace is up for the job. I didn't know that I could feel so many emotions within a book. I am so happy that I did. I cried over the way Ana had been treated. I roared over the antics of the Gallo family. Honestly, how could I not? I fumed over the man that just wouldn't stop being an absolute tool. I beamed when Ana put him in his place in the best possible way. The happily ever after had me joining Izzy in being crocodile tears of happiness. It was so beautiful. It was so touching. It was simply the best. I usually close one book and start another, but not to night. I will be basking in the brightness of Torch.
  • Another HOT One!

    By Yoli277
    I’ve been waiting on Trace Caldo’s book and as usual Chelle Bliss didn’t disappoint with Torch (Men Of Inked Heatwave #11). I’m SO thrilled that she’s kept this series going because I love the Gallo family so dang much. And I promise you that Chelle creates a clever storyline each and every time and the new generation just keeps getting better and better. Out of the three Caldo children, Trace is the one who gets into the most trouble quite often and he really stepped into a pile this time. Lucky for him, the beautiful and lovely Ana Kelly has come to his rescue. And although she’s his rescuer, he saves her as well. Ultimately, they save each other in more ways than one. There are certain circumstances that lead them to agree to a fake marriage however there is nothing “fake” about their burning chemistry, desire for each other and their connection. They are absolutely on fire, I LOVED them together and they couldn’t have been a better match. It was a pleasant surprise and such a treat to see Trace’s tender and heartwarming side shine through. And Ana is one heck of a brave woman who has endured a lot of heartache in her life and emotional abuse from her father. One of my favorite things about Torch is Trace’s mom, Izzy Gallo Caldo. She’s one of the OG’s and she’s even more sassy while still being an amazing and caring mom. This book is one crazy ride filled funny Gallo moments, a little heartbreak, endearing scenes and hot and steamy sexcapades. Torch is a wonderfully written story and Chelle continues to maintain that unique Gallo charm that I absolutely love!
  • My heart! 😍❤️

    By Rinsky13
    Trace Caldo melted my heart ❤️ He is basically your dream guy wrapped up in a yummy package. And a Gallo to boot. 😍 You have a bit of everything here - tense moments, times where you can’t stop the gigglefest, moments where you need quite a few tissues nearby for when your eyes leak, and of course there are those times that you are completely smitten. Emotions aplenty here, and I totally devoured it. Loved loved loved!!!