110 Toddler Educational Activities at Home - Ann R. Sutton

110 Toddler Educational Activities at Home

By Ann R. Sutton

  • Release Date: 2022-09-12
  • Genre: Parenting


Practice Makes Perfect. Scratch That... Practice Makes Permanent —Especially for your Kid. Kids are like a blank space, an empty Microsoft Word document with a blinking cursor. They are waiting for you to write something, to steer the course. They look at what you do, the way you speak —even how you treat the dog. And whatever they learn from you and practice often is going to shape the rest of their lives. They observe and practice a lot of things. At this stage, the blank space is getting filled up with lessons they learned every day, whether good or bad, they become their character, their habit. That is why it's tough to get your kid to stop sucking at his/her thumbs if he or she does it very often. At a later age, you’ll find the possibility of your kid unlearning these bad habits almost nonexistent. But if you ever want to make your kid fall in love with learning new stuff like it's a bad habit, then you should get it right the first time. So what if you could make learning a habit for your kid? And Instead of them sitting in front of the TV after school with a bag of Doritos, they could be learning stuff that will enhance their overall love for education? What if you could help your kid enjoy school more, make better grades, and reduce behavior problems at the same time? And what if you could do all these without any piece of self-doubt or impostor syndrome that comes with homeschooling? If your answer is a resounding YES, then you just might get your kid to start learning awesome stuff before the end of the week because this book is packed with more than 100 never-seen-before ideas that will take you and your kid from zero to hundred in being the perfect learning buddies. You will learn; ●Fun things to keep kids busy at home ●Creative activities to boost self-discipline ●At-home bonding activities to do with your toddler ●Activities to boost your toddler’s development ●100+ learning activities for 2-year olds And many more. This book is not only geared towards making your kid fall in love with learning but also to foster a healthy relationship between you and your kid.