Night Road. - Kristin Hannah

Night Road.

By Kristin Hannah

  • Release Date: 2020-01-13
  • Genre: Contemporary


A group of young people's lives are irrevocably altered by the events of one horrific night in Kristen Hannah's novel Night Road. As soon as Lexi and Mia enroll in high school, they become inseparable. Lexi, who is an orphan who lives with her aunt in a trailer park, is quite different from Mia, who is a golden child endowed with a loving family and a lovely house. They do, however, see a quality in one another that makes them stand out from the crowd, and Mia learns to depend significantly on Lexi's unwavering companionship. Zach, Mia's adored and stunning twin brother, believes life to be much simpler than his sister. Jude believed she would never have to worry about her son and that he would always simply achieve anything he, and his family, desired and anticipated - but then he fell in love. They will never forget the summer they received their diplomas and a moment they will always cherish. This summer has been filled with love, best friends, shared assurances, and pledges. Then, one incident, one night, alters them all irrevocably. The moment has come to leave childhood behind and learn how to face the future as hearts are crushed, loyalties are questioned, and aspirations are destroyed. chosen as the 2011 TV Book Club Summer Read in the UK. You'll keep turning the pages until the last heartbreaking sob because it is "movingly written and planned with the ruthless finesse of a Greek play." The Daily Mail.