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  • Disappointing

    By kbriight
    You can tell this book was written post-2020. Maas takes criticism that her books lack feminism and diversity, and blatantly injected it into this story, but at the expense of the plot and characters. This book was painful to get through. Bryce comes off as a spoiled petulant child. A sad “progression” of the Bryce from the end of the first book. Bryce is basically worshipped as if she can do no wrong, but she is a polar opposite to the Bryce of the first book. An unfortunate change to her whole character. I wish I counted how many times this book made me roll my eyes. I’m extremely disappointed since the first book brought me to tears several times and is one of my favorite books! The series has gone downhill. Lots of unnecessary swearing. ‘Alphahole’ is THE MOST annoying term, and ruined the few good moments in the book for me. Luckily the ending was decent, and tied it all together with a bow.
  • Sad its over…maybe?

    By Lavenderkitheth
    the end didn’t seem written fir a sequel but im happy with where it ended. It was definitely an emotional roller coaster. It’s sooo good I bought it on my phone, downloaded it to my laptop, and bought the physical book. This whole series is a must read. …. what’re you waiting for? START READING NOWWW
  • Loved

    By Hierholzer
    Loved this story so much. Excellent writing on each character and their stories. Great wrap up!
  • Very slow until end.

    By fythwrr
    All the other books were much better. The end was okay, but just because you liked the character traits of her principals from earlier books. Tons of every male character feeling worthless, and sorry for themselves. It got old.
  • Wonderful World-building

    By BetsyRD
    I have enjoyed all of Sarah J. Maas’ books that I’ve read, but this series has to be my favorite. Great story-telling.
  • Disappointed

    By Kaytee2010
    To quote a friend “I wouldn’t mind loaning this out and never getting it back”.
  • I didn’t want this book to end .

    By browneyesblue
    I am so happy that I had a chance to read this book. I waited patiently for its release. I cleared my reading schedule just so that I would have enough time to truly immerse myself back into Bryce Quinlan‘s world. Not only did I pre-order is digital copy but I also ordered a physical copy. Yes, I am that much of a fan of this series. I would be lying if I said that I was not nervous about reading this third Crescent City book. I truly like each and every character in this book whether they are a protagonist or an antagonist. However, I was worried about Hypaxia Enadore in the most. She’s my favorite character in the series. I was a little disappointed regarding the change in her storyline regarding Ruhn and well as the relationship with Celestina. I was afraid that she would end up sidelined, or become an irrelevant character and be killed off. However, Sarah J Maas not only introduced Hypaxia is an awesome way but gave her a very cool storyline. I wasn’t a big fan of Ruhn and Lidia as mates but I think their relationship grew on me after reading HOFAS. I changed my mind about Lidia after a secret about her was revealed. Not once did I fathom that The Hind could be someone’s mom. It was cool that Tharion and Ithan played a bigger part in this story along with Declan and Flynn. The decision made to include some characters for a short time was cool as well. Despite the fact that I haven’t read the ACOTAR series yet I really like those characters as well. Bryce Quinlan has changed so much since the first book. The same can be said about Hunt as well. I love their bond. The way that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for their friends and each other is beautiful. Beautiful. My favorite part of their story arc was each time they reconnected. So much happened in HOFAS and I am really looking forward to reading another book in this series. The only thing that I did not like about the story is that I’m going to have to wait another two years for another book. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be waiting patiently for the next release. I rated Sarah J Maas’ House of Flame and Shadow five stars out of five . It was so good that I didn’t want it to end.
  • How is this the same author that rote ACOTAR and ToG??

    By 0kaikai0
    Awful. I would rather spend an hour listening to a Trump supporter speak than ever read this again. If there was a possibility of meeting Ithan, I would have a higher likelihood of surviving the blood rite than the destruction he would bring into my life. I have reread ACOTAR and ToG several times, reread the first two Crescent City books twice now, and this was such a let down. Should have been a DNF for me but I held out wrongly placed hope.
  • Good story but author trying too hard?

    By makt0016
    4.5 stars for overall story and series 3 stars for using extremely repetitive phrases over and over throughout book “lips twitched, corners of mouth twitched up, etc.” 3.5 stars for overall quality of writing, talented author but seemed like was trying too hard and every interaction between characters and dialogue had way too much unnecessary descriptive commentary.
  • Mixed bag

    By cec(i)
    I love SJM books and in all of her series the FMC takes a while to grow on you but in this series I could not grow to like Bryce. I still loved reading the book and I think overall it is a good book and ending but that has more to do with everything other than the main FMC.