THE SWAPPED BRIDE (5) - Marcos Zelaya


By Marcos Zelaya

  • Release Date: 2023-05-26
  • Genre: Children's Fiction


The night rain suddenly hit the roof of the bus shelter. Nguyen An Nhien quickly covered her head with her schoolbag, patiently waiting for the last bus on a quiet street. Suddenly, a Hummer came from afar, approached the bus shelter where she was standing, and suddenly turned the steering wheel, Turning around to the curb, An Nhien avoided it, completely realizing where she was standing exactly half a meter from the rear of the pitiful Hummer. The other car crashed into an old tree on the side of the deserted road, lying dormant. Terrified, she ran up to look. Driving and steering dangerously, didn't the driver just have a sudden heart attack or a stroke? Or is there a dispute in the car? Before he could finish thinking, the car door opened with a bang, and the tall figure inside stepped out. The expensive black suit was instantly drenched with rainwater. The other looked really sick, his clothes ragged, his black hair falling down half of his amazingly handsome face. An Nhien quickly ran over to ask: "It was dangerous just now! Are you…?” Hearing the woman's voice, Tong Thanh tried to raise his drooping eyelids to look, but only saw images blurred by the rain. Right now, he just felt hot. Burning hot as hell. Every milligram of the drug was racing through his veins, making Song Thanh's muscular body tremble, giving off unusual heat. Realizing that the soft body of a woman was approaching, the bottom of the man's body was hot, painfully hard, prompting him to press down on some cool place to release the heat. Its mother! That bastard dares to drop aphrodisiacs with him! An Nhien saw Tong Thanh suddenly rushing over and quickly reached out to help, afraid that he would be stunned after the car hit. She called out: "Don't faint! I'll take you to the hospital." Tong Thanh's beautiful face pressed against the hollow of An Nhien's neck, exhaling a hot breath like a high fever.