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  • Captivating Emotional Journey

    By Xan1920
    I started this not expecting to be taken on such an emotionally charged journey. Coming out of it on the other end, I feel like I’m better for it. Laughing, crying, and hoping right along with the characters that are so well fleshed out they feel like old friends by the end.
  • Incredible

    By kristie~gaga
    Beautifully written but you have to commit and climb into the story. Not a light read but that’s what I loved… and the story. So worth the time.
  • Worth every penny and then some.

    By MicahMcK
    You’ll call in sick and stay up till your eyes (eye) can’t fight to stay open any longer. One of most beautifully told and brilliant reads ….ever.
  • Dark

    By Sparkkler
    Dark theme. Overly descriptive language. If you enjoy these attributes, you’ll enjoy this book.
  • Book club pick

    By AlyPowell
    We picked this for book club. Lots to digest. Each character gets discussed in depth..
  • Disappointing!

    By Mimi M. 56
    Way, way too long. A lot of filler around what would have been a more engaging story had some of the meandering been left out. I’m with the other reviewers who found it very over rated.
  • Stick with it!

    By ACapelli80
    Great story! The middle gets a little monotonous but the last quarter was completely worth it! Well done
  • Finally!

    By hair frustrated
    I’ve been waiting for this since We Begin at the End. Favorite book of 2024.
  • What a heartbreakingly beautiful tale

    By Iheartmaddie
    A beautifully told story of love, friendship, determination and a little bit of crazy. Definitely worth the read. You won’t want to put it down. You’ll entirely and absolutely fall in love with the characters, just like I did.
  • Absolutely beautiful

    By kaykaybean13
    This is in my top 5 favorite books ever written. The characters will live on in my heart and my mind leaving me so very inspired by the will, resilience and the unwavering and unconditional love they have for one another.