The Lazy Intellectual - Richard J. Wallace & James V. Wallace

The Lazy Intellectual

By Richard J. Wallace & James V. Wallace

  • Release Date: 2010-09-18
  • Genre: Reference


It's a small attention span world out there, and not everyone's interested in paging through lengthy tomes to deepen their intellect. They want their information. And they want it now.

This book fills that void next to the recliner as the go-to reference whenever work conversations or bar trivia have you feeling stupid. The top ten academic subjects are broken into digestible pieces such as:
Fast Facts: One-liners that delivers important informationRepeatable Quotables: Smart words by smart people to make readers look smart by repeatingVisual Aids: Graphs, charts, and tables for when even a few words are way too muchCheat Sheets: Chapter-ending recaps that reinforce the major points to take away
Whether they want an answer to a biology question, or to brush up on their Spanish during a commercial break, this book is perfect for people who couldn't bother paying attention the first time.