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  • Unfettered

    By Mel3116
    This is a wonderful collection of novellas/short stories from many of my favorite authors. Having RSD/CRPS-each of these authors envelopes me in different worlds where, for awhile, my pain recedes to the background and no longer rules my life. This is indeed magic of the greatest kind! The reason for Unfettered spoke to my heart as we each choose to make something 'right' for someone else in this sometimes difficult journey through life. Well done, good and faithful servants! Now, on to The Dark Thorn - my curiosity has been aroused Mr. Speakman ... I must learn more about the Word and the knights who protect both our world and that of the fey in Annwn.
  • Worth four times the price

    By HxC Scarecrow
    I purchased the hardcover since the e-book took so long to come out on iTunes (not the creator's fault) and it was worth every penny. At $9.99 it's a steal. Enjoy.