Beginner’s Mind - An Introduction to the Game of Go - Brian Johnson

Beginner’s Mind - An Introduction to the Game of Go

By Brian Johnson

  • Release Date: 2013-08-19
  • Genre: Games
Score: 4.5
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Even though it’s close to 4000 years old, Go is arguably the most fascinating and strategically complex board game ever created. This eBook is 132 pages of text along with numerous photo galleries, over 50 videos, and several interactive elements designed to help beginning to lower-level intermediate players gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts and strategies of the game of Go.  

Most Go books are just that —books— a collection of static images where as many as twenty plays are displayed at the same time in a single image or across three different pages.  The strategies and sequences of plays involved in studying Go can be hard to decipher in a traditional book, since you have to imagine the sequence in the picture rather than see it take shape as each stone is played.  This can be especially frustrating for beginners who lack the ability to play out longer sequences using only their imagination.  The goal of Beginner’s Mind is not to remove or replace your imagination, as it will still be required, but to clarify certain aspects of the game through image galleries and animations, helping you progress much more quickly. 

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  • I Loved it

    By Crazytime5000000000
    I loved it and I've seen each movie at least 2-3 times (once in theater and sometimes on TV). It was exactly what my dream adaptation of a book is like - instead of cutting a lot out, it's long enough to have pretty much everything and retain the same pacing, and it even added in cool new stuff, especially the Buddhist side-story. Some people complained about the CGI too but I never noticed anything wrong with it - looked great to me both in 3D in the theater and in 2D on TV. I really don't have a single substantial complaint against it, and I've read the original twice and seen 2 or 3 different animated adaptations of the movie - I wrote a paper comparing them or something in an English class once. Yet another thing that's a 10/10 to me that everybody else on the internet hates I guess.
  • Nice book

    By Not creedon
    Good book. Very nice.
  • Pretty good

    By JailedCells
    "Just ok 10/10" - ign
  • This is an excellent book!

    By Me in Phoenix
    This is an excellent book for beginners! For me, it’s been the most helpful book I’ve read so far on the topic of Go. Highly recommended!
  • Cool

    By Bananaas
    The best book evar
  • Sick book

    By Eric uyehara
    This is a pretty sick book