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  • Predictable but precious.

    By Rasema R. H.
    While the story line was predictable and obvious as to where the story line was going, the high school sweetheart relationship between Six and Daniel reminds us all what it was like when we found our first love… minus the having a baby in Italy part.

    By roozi.sh87
    this is hoovers MOST underrated book so far, i loved the plot twist, ur wasn’t all romantic like all your perfect, it was a mix of plot twist n romantic. n well that two of my favorite combinations, n it’s rlly short so i do recommend reading it!!
  • Plot twist??

    By 🌸SAVANNA🌸
    It was a rlly good book and i love the cringy high school relationship drama but the plot twist?? i was expecting… well not that!
  • Finding Cinderella

    By Suzette23
    Just the worst of her books, so disappointing. If you’re older than 20, this book isn’t for you. Ridiculous dialogue and completely unrealistic plot, and I use that term in the roast possible sense. There is no plot, just a silly story line. Don’t waste your time
  • Loved it.

    By bookerlover90
    Wish it was longer. It was a great book
  • One day read

    By Grrr_turtles
    It was a good story, it is a bit predictable but I loved every second of it. I have heard great things about Colleen Hoover and now I want all of her books.
  • It was alright.

    By Universal_hiphop
    It was kind of boring, and a bit basic. Unfortunately, it was overbearingly obvious that Six was Cinderella. It was also extremely short, and it had an ‘Ok’ ending. The entire story, was the basic high school love story. I also do feel like the entire book was more focused on the kissing scenes, and not so much on the rest of the book. I do like that you didn’t make Six the basic Cinderella, meaning she wasn’t abused, had an ‘Evil Stepmother’, ect. And I also like that the story didn’t start off like the normal Cinderella story. Overall, I recommend this book to readers who are just getting into reading, and are looking for an easy to read book. I love Colleen Hoover’s other books, but this one was unfortunately not my favorite! - Reader.

    By Sheridanbrooke
    This book claimed to be “free” and when I clicked “Get” I was charged $12 for it!! Not able to return it or get a refund…
  • where’s the rest of my pages ?

    By brooo051
    i only have 22 pages how does everyone else have 100? where my pages at?
  • Typical 100 page Romance

    By frenchy0674
    Predictable plot. No character development, but found it beyond the capabilities of what’s high school normal . . that was a good many years ago for me. The main character, Daniel, is a guy all women dream of, but doesn’t exist in real life. Don’t waste your time.