How To Be Blessed By Jesus - John Lowstreet

How To Be Blessed By Jesus

By John Lowstreet

  • Release Date: 2014-01-27
  • Genre: Parenting


This book will help parents and their children appreciate basic Christianity. There is no theological agenda here; the objective is to help young people develop empathy in a relationship with God and with other people. A characteristic of the perilous times predicted by the Apostle Paul in II Timothy chapter three is that people would be fierce. Fierceness appears contagious. There is a need for empathy, and a child's natural empathy needs to be protected and developed. Terms have entered our vocabularies that indicate something is wrong. "School shooting" should be an oxymoron. "Road rage" should be unthinkable and unheard-of. "Mass murder", "terrorism", "bullying", and similar terms should be confined to our history books and not be needed on our headlines. When Jesus Christ instituted the Beatitudes the world was much more brutal than now. These eight blessings based on Christ's behavioral objectives for mankind are the divine remedy for healing adults and inoculating children against the callousness of the world.