The Three Little Pigs - Mark Lesky

The Three Little Pigs

By Mark Lesky

  • Release Date: 2016-03-22
  • Genre: Kids
Score: 3.5
From 396 Ratings


Classic fairy tales, legends and folk stories in short version without violence retold with lovely illustrations in simple language.
Perfect for reading aloud to small children or for more confident readers to enjoy by themselves.


  • The first pig must have edited this book

    By Captain crunch$
    Tons of grammar errors so many it was hard to read.
  • Bad Changes to a Classic

    By Brewha360
    A poor attempt to modernize a classic story. Keep it simple or just write a new story instead of butchering an old one.
  • I hate

    By wwwwwwwst
    How do I even read it
  • Great Book!!

    By therealmap217
    When I saw this book, I knew immediately that I had to download it. It was fantastic, very well written.
  • Hard work 💙💙💙

    By FarenW
    Loved how it shows hard work! I’ll be reading this to my little dude a lot growing up!
  • Not for native English speakers

    By nickname next to
    Reads like a crappy phishing email
  • Horrible

    By so good books
    The groomer was horrible I honestly don’t know what to say whoever wanted to publish this book and actually make it real I have no idea what they’re doing
  • Just Don’t Bother

    By Magnus21Gunz
    Grammar is HORRIBLE. My 5 year old writes better sentences than this
  • Terrible!!!

    By i am so mad rn
    I was looking for a free book to download to read my baby cousin so I saw this one and thought she would like it. Boy was I wrong it was written terribly and needs serious revision! My baby cousin started crying and it took almost an hour to clam her down and the grammar is terrible! It’s like a third grader wrote this! Don’t waste your time and patience on this book trust me it isn’t worth it! The price may foul you into wanting to download this but don’t make the same mistake I did READ THE COMMENTS BEFORE DOWNLOADING!!!! I did not and look what happened. I was left with an angry baby cousin and a crappy book!!!😭
  • Needs major revision

    By lvaj008
    I got this book so I could read it to my daughter at bed time. Nice little twist in the story line from the original three little pig but what bugged me the most was the bad grammar and errors. Some of the sentences looked like part of it got deleted and just kept a few words. Some parts I was struggling to make it work when I was reading it out loud because it just made no sense.