Prophet Muhammad: A man of Peace and Behavior - P. Zainul Abideen

Prophet Muhammad: A man of Peace and Behavior

By P. Zainul Abideen

  • Release Date: 2014-12-29
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


This book has been originally written in Tamil by Mr.P. Zainul Abideen under the caption MAAMANITHAR NABIGAL NAYAGAM.
The author has aimed at enlightening the Tamil Speaking Public with true knowledge on the greatest leader Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) about whom numerous books have been written by many prominent authors in almost all the languages in the world. The authors contention is anyone who in whatever standpoint may examine, study and research the mettle and nobility of the character of Prophet Muhammad, will arrive at the same conclusion that no man on earth has been as unique, pure, noble, selfless and successful as Prophet Muhammad, the Man Supreme.
P. Zainul Abideen is a very powerful orator in Tamil. He is prodigiously well-informed, eloquent, confident, true, honest, sincere, lucid, and simple in style, reaching Gods Message of Islam straight to peoples heart. With profound knowledge in Islam and clarity of thought he is continuously engaged in comparative study of religions. Especially, he serves the non-Muslim brothers and sisters in answering all their questions. In whatever form the questions are framed and whatever confusion might prompt the questions, he answers them right. This book will serve Muslim and non-Muslim brothers and sisters with answers to questions that remain unanswered in their minds for obvious reasons such as bias, prejudice, inhibition, hate and misconception. Even prominent scholars like Michael H. Hart narrates as God speaking to Muhammad direct, and confounds Muhammad as the author of Quran, when he is the conveyor of
the Quran. He also confuses between the Quran, the Word of God and the Traditions that are the collections of the Prophets teaching and practice.