Exo-Kinetics: A Guide to Explosive Performance and Training - Edward Herger

Exo-Kinetics: A Guide to Explosive Performance and Training

By Edward Herger

  • Release Date: 2015-01-23
  • Genre: Training
Score: 4.5
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"After more than forty years coaching, I still found new information I will be using with my athletes." - Renowned coach John Thrush on Exo-Kinetics.

Exo-kinetics: A Guide to Explosive Performance and Training… This book will change your entire perspective on explosiveness in sports. We often look at great explosive athletes in action and see a blur of incredible speed. This book painlessly describes the science behind that blur of speed. It breaks down the explosive sequence into manageable parts which can be understood by athletes at any level. Finally, detailed performance and training resources will have you ready for immediate action.
“Exo-kinetic” implies that energy is to be produced by the athlete and externalized by accelerating a sport implement to a high level of kinetic energy. This category applies to many sports including: Baseball, Softball, Football, Soccer, Golf, Track and Field, Wrestling, Judo and Weightlifting among others. Few understand the true science and nature of explosive bio-mechanics, and so few are performing and training at the pinnacle of their explosive abilities.
Beyond simply describing explosiveness, this book provides a detailed description of thirty-six highly-effective exercises. It discusses important practical concepts for maximum performance and optimized training. Exo-kinetics is a great resource for any athlete or coach at any level of performance, age or experience.