How to Pick the Perfect Puppy - Linda Whitwam

How to Pick the Perfect Puppy

By Linda Whitwam

  • Release Date: 2015-01-31
  • Genre: Pets


This book is an absolute must for anyone thinking of getting a puppy. Canine author Linda Whitwam provides a step-by-step guide to selecting the one unique puppy most likely to fit in with you and your family. 
This latest book in the acclaimed Canine Handbook series steers prospective owners around the many pitfalls of puppy buying and gives them the expert knowledge to select the individual puppy which is right for them. 

Written in an easy-to-understand manner suitable for ages 10 to 100, this in-depth manual is packed full of invaluable information you won’t find elsewhere and makes a great gift for any prospective owner. It includes:
 The insider’s guide to the to 25 most popular breeds registered with the Kennel Clubs – and one that isn’t

Choosing a crossbreed or mixed breed

Suitable breeds and crossbreeds for allergy sufferers

Topical health issues with various pure breeds

How to find a good breeder – and the right questions to ask

How to reduce the risk of buying a puppy with health problems

How to pick the puppy with the temperament and energy levels to suit your household

The book is full of tips on what to do before and after you bring your new arrival home, covering:/

Puppy proofing your home

Bringing your puppy home

Feeding schedules, charts and types of food

Housetraining and crate training

Basic obedience and collar and lead training

Puppy biting

All about spaying and  neutering

Getting a puppy from a rescue centre

The signs of a healthy puppy

How to spot if your puppy is unwell

One of the main reasons puppies are given away or end up in rescue centres is owners’ unrealistic expectations of their dog. Pick the puppy that’s right for you and look forward to a decade or more of happiness with the perfect companion – who turned out to be all that you'd hoped for.