How Not To Get Murdered In Thailand - Andrew Gardner

How Not To Get Murdered In Thailand

By Andrew Gardner

  • Release Date: 2015-05-03
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure


Often cited as the quintessential travel destination for backpackers and hedonistic party goers, Thailand has enjoyed over three decades of accolades and rave reviews. In fact, in New Delhi in April 2014, Travel & Leisure magazine voted Thailand as the best country destination for travellers, for the third consecutive year in a row. 445km of palm fringed coastline, a diverse and fascinating culture and food and scenery like nowhere else on earth, doesn't after all, just enchant millions of tourists every year into returning to Thailand. Rather, whether it is in beach side reggae bars, or by the pool sides of sybaritic five star hotel resorts, Thailand brings people together and makes people feel more like they have finally come home rather than just flown somewhere thousands of miles away.

However, beneath its tropical Wonderland like veneer Thailand hides a very sinister secret. Literally hundreds of holidaymakers and Thailand expatriates are after all, murdered in the country each year and the only reason that people aren't already aware of the amount of westerners being beaten and flung from high rise apartment balconies in Thailand is because Thai authorities move promptly after every such case to attribute such incidents to mysterious series of accidents and suicides. How Not To Get Murdered In Thailand will therefore go further than most other guide books and blogs '10 tips for staying safe in Thailand,' and expose not only how dark and belligerent the country can be at times, but also how you can ensure your own safety when abroad in the so called 'Land of Smiles.'