How to Find Peace - Beau Norton

How to Find Peace

By Beau Norton

  • Release Date: 2015-09-23
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
Score: 4.5
From 1,023 Ratings


Shatter the Illusions and Discover the Truth

To 'know about' something is very different from KNOWING it. Perhaps you have some spiritual knowledge, but how often do you experience PEACE? CONTENTMENT? JOY? BLISS? ECSTASY? You've probably been searching for these higher states for some time now, but what has all your searching brought you? Are you still unsatisfied and unfulfilled? Is it really possible to find lasting peace of mind and happiness in this hectic world, or is it all just a fairy tale? 

I think you'll be relieved to discover that the TRUTH is right in front of you, just waiting to be realized. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT TO FEEL AT PEACE! It is available to you this very instant, however, you may have some blocks that need to be removed before you can come to KNOW Peace rather than just 'know about' Peace. This book is dedicated to helping you evolve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, by facilitating your understanding of basic (yet profoundly life-altering) spiritual concepts, thus allowing you to effortlessly transcend the obstacles on the path to peace of mind and happiness that lasts. 

Join me on the inside and let us take the journey together. May we both awaken to our true nature. May we never be the same again...


  • Well worth reading

    By Self Banker
    I really enjoyed this book. It gives a very clear and simple technique to reclaim inner peace, which is gently reinforced throughout the pages. I will read it again to reinforce its message and benefit from its simple wisdom.
  • Schizophrenic Ramblings

    By sendhelptobeaunorton
    This is a wild read holy guacamole
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    By cordeliwilkin109
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  • Great

    By We Lead
    A great novel with easy concepts to understand. All have massive implications for our lives.
  • Mind changed

    By awesome kai1287
    It really helps, I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a different way of thinking.💯😄
  • Beautiful

    By Jsgsgsuah
    Outstanding Read
  • Spiritually Eye Opening

    By Tete P.
    A great read. 100% recommend it.
  • By non

    By bsyndgxhx
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  • Love it!

    By GratefuLiz
    Definitely enjoyed this book. It’s short and helpful!
  • Ty

    By gaaaabriel L
    I’m 13 with a lot of bad thoughts of things this really helped me understand my emotions and how to deal with them I would feel really sad at times almost if I was crazy cause I didn’t really know what I was sad about but I read this book and came to an understanding of my feelings so honestly this really helped