'Salem's Lot - Stephen King

'Salem's Lot

By Stephen King

  • Release Date: 1990-04-01
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 1,331 Ratings


Ben Mears has returned to Jerusalem’s Lot in hopes that exploring the history of the Marsten House, an old mansion long the subject of rumor and speculation, will help him cast out his personal devils and provide inspiration for his new book. But when two young boys venture into the woods, and only one returns alive, Mears begins to realize that something sinister is at work—in fact, his hometown is under siege from forces of darkness far beyond his imagination. And only he, with a small group of allies, can hope to contain the evil that is growing within the borders of this small New England town.

With this, his second novel, Stephen King established himself as an indisputable master of American horror, able to transform the old conceits of the genre into something fresh and all the more frightening for taking place in a familiar, idyllic locale.


  • Bloated

    By jrcd555
    Eh… so many characters, and so much backstory. I just didn’t enjoy it as much as King’s other books.
  • A Solid Slow Burn

    By MisterC.O.E.
    My Journey to the Dark Tower I recently decided to start reading the Dark Tower series but wanted the full experience so I got some recommendations and compiled a list of books relevant (hopefully!) to the extended lore. This book 1 on that list . Takes a bit to get going but a good read. It’s a good ramp up once it gets there. The writing is beautifully done. Thought I was going to have a stress induced heart attack towards the end XD As my first read, I have no idea how this plugs into the DT series but I’m excited to find out!
  • Thankful

    By AtomicCoug
    for this book. It inspired a lifetime of reading.
  • Short stories included in purchase removed

    By ack468
    Why were the two short stories included in my original purchase removed? Both Jerusalem’s lot and one for the road have been taken out. No excuse for removing content already purchased. Also, the app will not allow 0 or 1 stars. 1 is lowest but the submit button will not click. Solid way to do business apple.
  • Good read

    By booom1986
  • Rating system

    By getbooks
    Ironic that if you give it a 1 rating it will never move to submit. You change it to a 5 it lets you submit… I hated it … it’s a 1 but won’t let me submit it and move on…
  • Salem’s Lot

    By wakereader
    I reread this and it’s still a great book!!
  • Great read

    By Erin Dal
    What a great book! I read it in three days! I’m hoping there is a movie (although we all know it won’t be near as good as the book).
  • Excellent Book!

    By Dubqueen27
    This book is absolutely thrilling. Once you’re hooked you can’t put it down!
  • In my honest opinion...

    By stopstealinmynickname
    ‘Salem’s Lot is the best book by Stephen King. I loved the books “The Stand”, “The Shining”, and “It”, but I really love ‘Salem’s Lot. I think that this take on the Dracula/vampire story is the best out of any that I’ve seen. The characters in this book are so perfectly written. The unassuming hero, his young sidekick, the fallen priest, the small town sheriff, they are all perfectly written. I can’t write, but even if I were the greatest author ever, I don’t think that I could possibly write a better version of, let alone any novel, better than The Lot! Thank you Stephen King. When I think of the most terrifying vampire of all time, I don’t think of Dracula, I think if Kurt Barlow!